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Kaeltestarre 83 GER
Club rank: 76.
City: Dortmund
Contact person: Ulrich Hennemann
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (27)
Rank Points
253.Linus Restel "Rooster"2507,20660374171
438.Kai Armonies1927,16415218322
582.Thony Restel "Old Rooster"1484,28383999873
633.Ulrich Hennemann1329,81011166618
788.Filip Olofsson993,3840830074
834.Ludger Muller892,333018254525
872.Christian Dunnink "Hermd"843,052530554136
886.Lars Olofsson820,155952312777
952.Christof Pahler715,459835944063
1331.Tobias Taubitz "TnT"366,010411219488
2054.Liane Pahler137,605875097354
2470.Andrea Hellmich86,8862312258463
3223.Jakob Thoss42,6154176652074
3285.Enno Haarmann40,4445704584369
Rank Points
3550.Jan Isenberg32,9025
4914.Elias Lubbering "Maschine"14
6119.Joachim Charlier8
6719.Jonas Charlier5,8
7821.Pierre Restel3,16536934089072
8126.Tim Binford2,84437463878744
9576.Matthis Hellmich1
9576.Shakir Yaqubi1
10051.Tim Drabek0,8
10051.Dario Kammermeier0,8
11016.Bine Binford0,2
11016.Doerte Haarmann0,2
11016.Luise Hellmich0,2

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking
no players were found

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
12.9.2015Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2015 Teams4. (6)
18.10.2014Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2014 Teams5. (8)
2.2.2013Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2013 Teams2. (8)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2012 Teams4. (7)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2012 Teams7. (7)
19.2.2011Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2011 Teams5. (6)
6.3.2010Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2010 Teams5. (9)
28.2.2009Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2009 Teams6. (12)