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Kaeltestarre 83 GER
Club rank: 90.
City: Dortmund
Contact person: Ulrich Hennemann
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (21)
Rank Points
476.Michael Toft Nielsen1716,92924942613
619.Linus Restel "Rooster"1252,43878828153
640.Ulrich Hennemann1207,15059413027
645.Kai Armonies1189,67762474622
708.Thony Restel "Old Rooster"1091,56914837926
721.Ludger Muller1073,74683826603
739.Christof Pahler1027,41528302792
805.Filip Olofsson885,775721864214
828.Lars Olofsson834,668975820683
991.Tobias Taubitz "TnT"597,683171431327
1163.Liane Pahler434,845039957826
Rank Points
1869.Andrea Hellmich130,634656270948
2430.Enno Haarmann59,9386897699681
4115.Tim Binford15,1896889118291
5719.Pierre Restel6,33073868178144
7005.Matthis Hellmich3
8695.Tim Drabek1
8695.Dario Kammermeier1
9156.Doerte Haarmann0,8
9492.Bine Binford0,6
9492.Luise Hellmich0,6

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking
no players were found

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
2.2.2013Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2013 Teams2. (8)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2012 Teams4. (7)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2012 Teams7. (7)
19.2.2011Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2011 Teams5. (6)
6.3.2010Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2010 Teams5. (9)
28.2.2009Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2009 Teams6. (12)