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Kaeltestarre 83 GER
Club rank: 78.
City: Dortmund
Contact person: Ulrich Hennemann
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (27)
Rank Points
379.Linus Restel "Rooster"2058,95191753403
525.Michael Toft Nielsen1648,61555939851
540.Kai Armonies1611,23627845125
607.Ulrich Hennemann1392,0561302002
608.Thony Restel "Old Rooster"1391,54487108299
720.Filip Olofsson1092,31018981944
793.Ludger Muller956,952421674787
816.Christof Pahler911,131243961249
821.Lars Olofsson901,090067141118
942.Christian Dunnink "Hermd"710,762108791221
1142.Tobias Taubitz "TnT"485,468406085794
1488.Liane Pahler270,551330555188
2123.Andrea Hellmich113,161749676071
2857.Enno Haarmann49,4549263613836
Rank Points
3025.Jakob Thoss42,6154176652074
3601.Jan Isenberg26,9025
4595.Elias Lubbering "Maschine"14
5607.Joachim Charlier8,4
6086.Tim Binford6,70760427606382
6376.Jonas Charlier5,8
7503.Pierre Restel3,16536934089072
9195.Tim Drabek1
9195.Matthis Hellmich1
9195.Dario Kammermeier1
10318.Bine Binford0,4
10318.Doerte Haarmann0,4
10632.Luise Hellmich0,2

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking
no players were found

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
12.9.2015Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2015 Teams4. (6)
18.10.2014Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2014 Teams5. (8)
2.2.2013Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2013 Teams2. (8)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2012 Teams4. (7)
17.3.2012Kaeltestarre 83 IIGerman Championships 2012 Teams7. (7)
19.2.2011Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2011 Teams5. (6)
6.3.2010Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2010 Teams5. (9)
28.2.2009Kaeltestarre 83German Championships 2009 Teams6. (12)