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Anders Johansson
The best rank ever (1.1.1997)550.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Club Skane BF
Country Sweden
City Helsingborg
Birth year ?
Mail address mail
no photo available

Tournaments ordered by date (11 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
14.3.2009Malmo Open 2009 Swedish Tour
Malmo Open
Malmo (SWE)15. (19)36,1518295887664
30.11.2008Oresundsligan #31 OresundsliganLund (SWE)12. (15)31,785578486129
17.11.2008Oresundsligan #30 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)14. (15)31,485578486129
30.8.2006Oresundsligan #9 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)10. (23)91,5321059564239
31.1.2004Skaneligan #8 SkaneliganLund (SWE)9. (12)33,3712797014182
6.9.2003Oresund Cup 2003 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)24. (24)1
1.4.2003Sliperspelen 2003 SkaneliganLund (SWE)10. (13)4
15.4.2000DM Skane 2000 Skaneligan
DM Skane
Lund (SWE)8. (11)50,0784217282656
3.10.1996Allskanskan 1996/97 #2 SkaneliganLund (SWE)16. (24)9
5.3.1995Allskanskan 1994/95 #4 SkaneliganLund (SWE)11. (17)11,0053844310789
22.1.1995Allskanskan 1994/95 #3 SkaneliganEslov (SWE)22. (30)9

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
22.2.1997Skane BF IVSwedish Championships 1997 Teams12. (16)