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Arthur Lindholm
The best rank ever (1.6.2001)175.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Club Aby Monkeys BHK
Country Sweden
City Norrkoping, Ostergotland
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Tournaments ordered by date (34 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
28.4.2013Abyligan #16 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)1. (8)83,3054379800957
10.3.2013Abyligan #15 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)3. (7)69,3940788060934
10.2.2013Abyligan #14 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)2. (8)34,5836882796203
19.8.2012Abyligan #8 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)1. (5)73,1100910821678
19.5.2012Swedish Championships 2012 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)38. (76)173,243131798058
4.3.2012Abyligan #5 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)2. (9)59,3600910821678
26.11.2011Pekingpokalen 2011 Swedish TourNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)18. (31)92,9477010912781
20.8.2011Abyligan #2 AbyliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)2. (5)56,8100910821678
14.5.2011Norrkoping Open 2011 Swedish TourNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)6. (15)147,473933953324
5.2.2011Swedish Championships 2011 World Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Solna, Uppland (SWE)119. (158)296,605000074411
24.3.2001Orebro Open 2001 Swedish TourOrebro, Narke (SWE)18. (30)294,407050116978
11.3.2001Limo Cup LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)7. (11)111,605219168234
11.2.2001Brastorp Cup 2001 MotalaliganMotala, Ostergotland (SWE)7. (13)66,820985576181
28.1.2001Swedish Championships 2001 Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)75. (209)328,965458326672
2.12.2000Sundsvallsspelen 2000 Swedish TourSundsvall, Medelpad (SWE)28. (34)102,595644541043
18.11.2000Avesta Open 2000/01 Swedish TourAvesta, Dalarna (SWE)24. (43)348,047746029839
14.10.2000Pekingpokalen 2000/01 Swedish TourNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)32. (44)134,304291582651
23.9.2000Oresund Cup 2000 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund, Skane (SWE)20. (55)278,290391883877
10.9.2000Stangacupen LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)7. (16)87,0276095408405
7.5.2000Avesta Open 2000 Swedish TourAvesta, Dalarna (SWE)37. (51)208,263627348562
16.4.2000Linkoping Paskcupen 2000 LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)2. (17)225,870964953701
8.4.2000Orebro Open 2000 Swedish TourOrebro, Narke (SWE)25. (40)279,439058407388
11.3.2000Overum Open 2000 Swedish Tour
Overum Open
Vastervik, Smaland (SWE)34. (45)88,2864707131597
22.1.2000Pekingpokalen 2000 Swedish TourNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)38. (56)181,59918579013
16.1.2000Linkoping Vintercupen 2000 LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)3. (10)10
12.12.1999Hjulsbro Open 1999 LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)1. (8)50
14.11.1999Novemberkasan NorrkopingsliganNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)6. (10)78,3852924388907
31.10.1999Swedish Championships 1999 Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Stockholm (SWE)57. (96)206,104663227234
31.10.1999Swedish Championships 1999 Juniors Swedish Championships JuniorsStockholm (SWE)20. (23)5,395
31.10.1999Swedish Championships 1999 Rookies Swedish Championships RookiesStockholm (SWE)8. (26)31,7881181460585
3.10.1999Linkoping Hostcupen 1999 LinkopingsliganLinkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)7. (15)41,9483984656877
18.9.1999Oresund Cup 1999 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund, Skane (SWE)26. (32)14,4612071936247
28.8.1999Orebro Summer Cup 1999 OrebroliganOrebro, Narke (SWE)13. (13)1
16.1.1999Pekingpokalen 1999 Swedish TourNorrkoping, Ostergotland (SWE)29. (32)4

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
20.5.2012Aby Monkeys BHKSwedish Championships 2012 Teams9. (11)