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Heikki Jukka
Rankingnot ranked
The best rank ever (1.11.2004)122.
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Club Optime
Country Finland
City Espoo
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Heikki Jukka

Tournaments ordered by date (26 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
24.5.2008Naantali Ranking Tournament 2008 Finnish Ranking TournamentsNaantali (FIN)19. (46)423,351777239231
27.1.2008Finnish Championships 2008 Finnish Championships
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Espoo (FIN)37. (52)260,759952416659
10.11.2007Helsinki Open 2007 Helsinki Open
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
World Tour
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Helsinki (FIN)50. (105)466,119090503
11.3.2006Raisio Ranking Tournament 2006 Finnish Ranking TournamentsRaisio (FIN)13. (32)446,483033211433
15.10.2005Espoo Ranking Tournament 2005/06 Finnish Ranking TournamentsEspoo (FIN)31. (44)166,599468077
17.9.2005Helsinki Open 2005 World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Helsinki Open
World Tour
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Helsinki (FIN)42. (86)389,14542140537
27.8.2005Kirkkonummi Ranking Tournament 2005 Finnish Ranking TournamentsKirkkonummi (FIN)19. (35)333,359193396456
16.4.2005Espoo Ranking Tournament 2005 Finnish Ranking TournamentsEspoo (FIN)18. (53)477,299567594395
16.1.2005Finnish Championships 2005 Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Finnish Championships
Naantali (FIN)26. (63)394,253622963528
13.11.2004Helsinki Ranking Tournament 2004 Finnish Ranking TournamentsHelsinki (FIN)36. (54)161,729751854458
2.10.2004Helsinki Open 2004 Helsinki Open
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Helsinki (FIN)19. (79)586,592096882407
18.9.2004Oulu Ranking Tournament 2004/05 Finnish Ranking TournamentsOulu (FIN)29. (44)233,055219908
17.4.2004Naantali Ranking Tournament 2004 Finnish Ranking TournamentsNaantali (FIN)14. (48)454,974261639514
25.1.2004Finnish Championships 2004 Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Finnish Championships
Helsinki (FIN)16. (69)425,90508193271
22.11.2003Joensuu Ranking Tournament 2003 Finnish Ranking TournamentsJoensuu (FIN)17. (31)379,040693103221
25.10.2003Helsinki Open 2003 EuroLeague
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Helsinki Open
Helsinki (FIN)28. (87)483,888567324451
21.9.2003Turku Ranking Tournament 2003 Finnish Ranking TournamentsTurku (FIN)10. (35)423,181385493023
5.4.2003Nurmo Ranking Tournament 2003 Finnish Ranking TournamentsNurmo (FIN)22. (46)264,357284720088
15.3.2003Juva Ranking Tournament 2003 Finnish Ranking TournamentsJuva (FIN)25. (41)244,22077603344
15.2.2003Naantali Ranking Tournament 2003 Finnish Ranking TournamentsNaantali (FIN)22. (44)311,114649441186
26.1.2003Finnish Championships 2003 Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Finnish Championships
Espoo (FIN)26. (79)329,598281043553
16.11.2002Tampere Ranking Tournament 2002 Finnish Ranking TournamentsTampere (FIN)22. (46)330,159011101159
19.10.2002Oulu Ranking Tournament 2002 Finnish Ranking TournamentsOulu (FIN)31. (40)148,243598683313
23.1.2000Finnish Championships 2000 Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Finnish Championships
Espoo (FIN)50. (105)181,13232555
23.1.2000Finnish Championships 2000 Juniors Finnish Championships Juniors
Finnish Ranking Tournament Juniors
Espoo (FIN)7. (20)89,618857144
23.1.2000Finnish Championships 2000 Rookies Finnish Championships RookiesEspoo (FIN)18. (42)25

Summary of player's team results
7.5.2006OptimeFinnish Championships 2006 Teams1. (14)
14.5.2005OptimeFinnish Championships 2005 Teams6. (18)
15.5.2004Ottawat SenaattoritFinnish Championships 2004 Teams2. (17)
3.5.2003Ottawat SenaattoritFinnish Championships 2003 Teams4. (14)
8.4.2000Ottawat Senaattorit IIIFinnish Championships 2000 Teams11. (22)