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Ortrud Freitag "Pannen Olli"
Rankingnot ranked
The best rank ever (1.6.1997)240.
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Club Eismaschine Hamburg
Country Germany
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Tournaments ordered by date (21 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
28.10.2006Hamburg Masters 2006 Hamburg MastersHamburg (GER)11. (25)238,944328487486
21.9.2002German Championships 2002 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Koln (GER)25. (52)136,028078625301
4.5.2002Cologne Open 2002 DTEV TurnierKoln (GER)23. (34)13,4875
9.3.2002Hamburg Masters 2002 Hamburg Masters
DTEV Turnier
Hamburg (GER)28. (43)17,43
29.9.2001Hamburg Masters 2001 DTEV Turnier
Hamburg Masters
Hamburg (GER)21. (46)45,0792774167006
11.9.1999Hamburg Masters 1999 Hamburg Masters
DTEV Turnier
Hamburg (GER)9. (28)227,218409267727
30.5.1999World Championships 1999 Women World Championships WomenWilhelmshaven7. (9)29,544322188032
6.3.1999Rama Cup 1999 DTEV TurnierBonn (GER)5. (54)230,63026634182
28.11.1998German Championships 1998 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Hamburg Masters
Hamburg (GER)19. (30)16,3425551111089
17.8.1997German Championships 1997 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Wilhelmshaven (GER)15. (29)4,3165
21.12.1996Hamburg Masters 1996 DTEV Turnier
Hamburg Masters
Hamburg (GER)5. (15)235,45153885017
25.8.1996German Championships 1996 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Wilhelmshaven (GER)12. (48)69,9741455212163
17.12.1995Hamburg Masters 1995 Hamburg Masters
DTEV Turnier
Hamburg (GER)8. (20)30,987144155052
3.9.1995Wilhelmshaven Cup 1995 DTEV TurnierWilhelmshaven (GER)3. (48)211,70167554893
11.6.1995German Championships 1995 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Bremen (GER)5. (60)316,335597998357
30.4.1995World Championships 1995 Women World Championships WomenStockholm (SWE)5. (12)135,913647391456
17.12.1994Hamburg Masters 1994 DTEV Turnier
Hamburg Masters
Hamburg (GER)4. (15)115,300884482178
20.11.1994Hamburg Open 1994 DTEV TurnierHamburg (GER)12. (57)161,966913167125
28.8.1994Wilhelmshaven Cup 1994 DTEV TurnierWilhelmshaven (GER)10. (48)97,311343475
16.4.1994German Championships 1994 DTEV Turnier
German Championships
Elze (GER)30. (62)33
18.12.1993Hamburg Masters 1993 Hamburg Masters
DTEV Turnier
Hamburg (GER)8. (18)11

Summary of player's team results
11.6.1995Eismaschine HamburgGerman Championships 1995 Teams1. (10)