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Grega Homan
The best rank ever (1.4.2012)1556.
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Country Slovenia
City ?
Birth year 1994
Mail address ?
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Tournaments ordered by date (25 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
8.10.2016Slovenia Open 2016 World Tour
Slovenian Cup
Slovenia Open
Kranj (SLO)29. (34)6
10.10.2015Slovenia Open 2015webWorld Tour
Slovenia Open
Slovenian Cup
Kranj (SLO)33. (36)4
9.11.2013Slovenia Open 2013 World Tour
Slovenia Open
Slovenian Cup
Kranj (SLO)20. (22)3,7825
5.11.2011Slovenia Open 2011 Slovenia Open
World Tour
Slovenian Cup
SLO-CRO Intercup
Kranj (SLO)28. (41)14
26.6.2011Training Tournament -Kranj (SLO)3. (4)5
19.2.2011Slovenian Winter Cup 2011 Slovenian CupKranj (SLO)17. (19)6,49136221760807
6.11.2010Slovenia Open 2010 Slovenian Cup
Slovenia Open
SLO-CRO Intercup
World Tour
Kranj (SLO)31. (36)7,40369424012582
18.9.2010Slovenian Autumn Cup 2010 Slovenian CupKranj (SLO)17. (20)10,9145
11.5.2010Teden Mladih Tournament 2010 Teden Mladih TournamentsKranj (SLO)11. (18)9,54
14.11.2009Slovenia Open 2009webWorld Tour
SLO-CRO Intercup
Slovenian Cup
Slovenia Open
Kranj (SLO)24. (34)13,4949839772
22.11.2008Slovenia Open 2008 SLO-CRO Intercup
Slovenian Cup
Slovenia Open
World Tour
Kranj (SLO)31. (34)4
10.11.2007Slovenian Autumn Cup 2007webSlovenian CupKranj (SLO)23. (23)1
27.10.2007Slovenia Open 2007webSlovenia Open
SLO-CRO Intercup
European Challenge Tour
Slovenian Cup
Kranj (SLO)30. (39)10,375
6.10.2007Menges Open 2007webSlovenian Cup
Menges Open
Menges (SLO)16. (16)1
4.5.2007Slovenian Clubs Challenger 2006/07 #11 Slovenian Clubs ChallengerKranj (SLO)21. (24)4
8.12.2006OS Strazisce Tournament #2 -Kranj (SLO)3. (7)5
24.11.2006Slovenian Clubs Challenger 2006/07 #3 Slovenian Clubs ChallengerKranj (SLO)16. (26)11
11.11.2006Slovenia Open 2006 Slovenian Cup
Slovenia Open
European Challenge Tour
Kranj (SLO)32. (48)17
24.10.2006Slovenian Training Tournament #6 Slovenian Training TournamentsKranj (SLO)4. (4)1
7.10.2006Primorska Cup #2 Primorska CupGaberje (SLO)11. (14)4
20.5.2006Kranj Open 2006 Kranj Open
Slovenian Cup
Kranj (SLO)28. (28)1
20.5.2006Slovenian Championships 2006 Schools Slovenian Championships SchoolsKranj (SLO)16. (16)1
26.4.2006Slovenian Clubs Challenger 2005/06 #9 Slovenian Clubs ChallengerKranj (SLO)21. (21)1
5.4.2006Slovenian Training Tournament #1 Slovenian Training TournamentsKranj (SLO)10. (10)1
8.5.2005Teden Mladih Tournament 2005 Teden Mladih TournamentsKranj (SLO)20. (21)2

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
27.10.2006NHS KSK IISlovenian Clubs Challenger #1 Teams4. (4)