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Lars Loven
Rankingnot ranked
The best rank ever (1.7.1999)159.
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Club Dynamo Goteborg
Country Sweden
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Tournaments ordered by date (12 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
30.1.2005Swedish Championships 2005 EuroLeague
Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)117. (193)270,715795543642
16.10.1999Goteborgspokalen 1999/00 Swedish TourGoteborg (SWE)21. (31)180,11941245884
6.2.1999Goteborgspokalen 1999 Swedish TourGoteborg (SWE)16. (33)306,39937543394
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Stockholm (SWE)46. (125)373,547342924755
1.10.1998Vastra Sveriges Masterskap 1998 Vastra Sveriges MasterskapGoteborg (SWE)3. (19)111,932079407506
19.9.1998Oresund Cup 1998 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)19. (35)269,803238047282
14.2.1998Orebro Open 1998 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)23. (37)231,537862173243
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)51. (143)311,768509794924
18.10.1997Goteborgspokalen 1997 Swedish TourGoteborg (SWE)18. (40)278,05551140764
20.9.1997Oresund Cup 1997/98 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)21. (38)213,114075829182
22.3.1997Orebro Open 1997 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)29. (47)107,277807545339
1.10.1996Copa Lorenskog 1996 Norwegian NBLLorenskog (NOR)13. (21)9

Summary of player's team results
1.2.1997Tre KronorNorwegian Championships 1997 Teams3. (6)