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Stefan Otterstrom
Rankingnot ranked
The best rank ever (1.1.1998)135.
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Club Orebro BHF
Country Sweden
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Tournaments ordered by date (21 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
27.1.2002Swedish Championships 2002 Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)53. (205)383,74121412768
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)51. (125)354,577292444407
17.10.1998Avesta Open 1998 Swedish TourAvesta (SWE)29. (52)266,819118869314
2.5.1998Nordic BHL Norwegian Stage 1998 Nordic BHL
Norwegian NBL
Swedish Tour
Oslo (NOR)16. (37)244,498251040912
19.4.1998Me Klubba Cup 1998 Swedish TourStockholm (SWE)36. (49)223,885376411873
14.3.1998Umea Open 1998 Swedish Tour
Umea Open
Umea (SWE)31. (31)1
17.1.1998Sundsvallsspelen 1998 Swedish TourSundsvall (SWE)13. (20)151,900690907201
6.12.1997Nordic BHL Finnish Stage 1997 Nordic BHL
Swedish Tour
Espoo (FIN)12. (36)384,765919429308
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)78. (143)121,682776275412
18.10.1997Goteborgspokalen 1997 Swedish TourGoteborg (SWE)24. (40)185,762901147236
20.9.1997Oresund Cup 1997/98 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)24. (38)98,9493767843117
18.1.1997Me Klubba Cup 1997 Swedish TourStockholm (SWE)35. (46)229,852927657877
28.10.1996Swedish Championships 1996 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)55. (155)409,063574722214
2.3.1996Enskedespelen 1996 Swedish TourStockholm (SWE)50. (66)232,348632746299
23.9.1995Oresund Cup 1995 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)39. (50)40,5308249669192
26.8.1995Orebro Summer Cup 1995 OrebroliganOrebro (SWE)20. (24)24,936686629783
1.6.1995DM Orebro 1995 DM OrebroOrebro (SWE)11. (14)24,0422745251876
13.5.1995Orebro Cup 1995 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)38. (60)209,435410759358
1.4.1995Sundsvallsspelen 1995 Swedish TourSundsvall (SWE)54. (66)54,4395702903902
16.4.1994Orebro Open 1994 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)34. (40)55,2193154943776
29.5.1993DM Orebro 1993 DM OrebroOrebro (SWE)10. (14)12,7281909

Summary of player's team results
18.4.1998Orebro BHFSwedish Championships 1998 Teams8. (18)
2.4.1995Orebro BHFSwedish Championships 1995 Teams10. (17)