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Henrik Pahlsson
The best rank ever (1.1.2001)86.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Veterans ranking574.
Club Aby Monkeys BHK
Country Sweden
City Norrkoping
Birth year 1975
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Tournaments ordered by date (38 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
15.2.2009Swedish Championships 2009 Swedish Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
World Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Vastervik (SWE)52. (119)391,150825257102
9.2.2003Swedish Championships 2003 Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Jonkoping (SWE)113. (150)38
16.3.2002Overum Open 2002 Overum Open
Swedish Tour
Vastervik (SWE)6. (22)320,336036413282
27.1.2002Swedish Championships 2002 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)57. (205)363,750699483296
11.3.2001Limo Cup LinkopingsliganLinkoping (SWE)4. (11)150,067197911248
28.1.2001Swedish Championships 2001 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)73. (209)333,0189548072
2.12.2000Sundsvallsspelen 2000 Swedish TourSundsvall (SWE)27. (34)164,235705284155
18.11.2000Avesta Open 2000/01 Swedish TourAvesta (SWE)11. (43)512,830745610187
14.10.2000Pekingpokalen 2000/01 Swedish TourNorrkoping (SWE)21. (44)312,129461936786
23.9.2000Oresund Cup 2000 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)19. (55)294,147580178456
10.9.2000Stangacupen LinkopingsliganLinkoping (SWE)3. (16)155,272475063535
28.5.2000Nordic Championships 2000 Nordic ChampionshipsOslo (NOR)28. (48)389,391400788399
16.4.2000Linkoping Paskcupen 2000 LinkopingsliganLinkoping (SWE)5. (17)146,372348798775
8.4.2000Orebro Open 2000 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)18. (40)383,734766256696
11.3.2000Overum Open 2000 Swedish Tour
Overum Open
Vastervik (SWE)13. (45)370,279916405435
12.2.2000Umea Open 2000 Umea Open
Swedish Tour
Umea (SWE)16. (27)347,672737344772
22.1.2000Pekingpokalen 2000 Swedish TourNorrkoping (SWE)29. (56)300,08376936314
16.1.2000Linkoping Vintercupen 2000 LinkopingsliganLinkoping (SWE)1. (10)112,244738789504
4.12.1999Sundsvallsspelen 1999 Swedish TourSundsvall (SWE)19. (33)291,433682743635
14.11.1999Novemberkasan NorrkopingsliganNorrkoping (SWE)4. (10)140,454093231198
31.10.1999Swedish Championships 1999 Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)30. (96)432,52692870279
3.10.1999Linkoping Hostcupen 1999 LinkopingsliganLinkoping (SWE)2. (15)180,459682560164
18.9.1999Oresund Cup 1999 Oresund Cup
Swedish Tour
Lund (SWE)24. (32)38,236927485693
28.8.1999Orebro Summer Cup 1999 OrebroliganOrebro (SWE)6. (13)242,641438326877
16.1.1999Pekingpokalen 1999 Swedish TourNorrkoping (SWE)18. (32)288,642427532859
5.12.1998Sundsvallsspelen 1998/99 Swedish TourSundsvall (SWE)26. (42)352,205945489779
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)63. (125)284,350629605631
17.10.1998Avesta Open 1998 Swedish TourAvesta (SWE)41. (53)36,5821602331801
14.2.1998Orebro Open 1998 Swedish Tour
Nordic Hockey League
Orebro (SWE)28. (37)74,6567794309949
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Nordic Hockey League
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)56. (143)291,056350651245
28.10.1996Swedish Championships 1996 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Stockholm (SWE)60. (155)385,509773176236
30.3.1996Goteborg Open 1996 Swedish TourGoteborg (SWE)37. (43)46,5574047414918
27.1.1996Kumla 1996 Swedish TourKumla (SWE)59. (62)4
29.10.1995Swedish Championships 1995 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Enkoping (SWE)86. (144)125,871004073533
13.5.1995Orebro Cup 1995 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)39. (60)203,561482218299
6.11.1994Swedish Championships 1994 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Nynashamn (SWE)111. (181)83,3866930295049
15.1.1994Weelu Cup 1994 Swedish TourEnkoping (SWE)59. (67)71,6681184035214
17.10.1993Swedish Championships 1993 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Goteborg (SWE)171. (183)13

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)