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Peter Wallman
Rankingnot ranked
The best rank ever (1.1.1999)232.
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Club Nugents Larjungar BHK
Country Sweden
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Tournaments ordered by date (16 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
6.12.1999Nugent Tournament AvestaliganAvesta (SWE)3. (10)156,289634054798
12.12.1998Nugent Open #6 AvestaliganAvesta (SWE)8. (12)32,1162103703934
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)54. (125)342,227139135081
8.11.1998Swedish Championships 1998 Juniors Swedish Championships JuniorsStockholm (SWE)9. (25)192,612160118579
17.10.1998Avesta Open 1998 Swedish TourAvesta (SWE)36. (53)139,583242201016
17.10.1998Avesta Open 1999 Juniors -Avesta (SWE)7. (15)30,8703765445639
19.9.1998Oresund Cup 1998 Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
Lund (SWE)31. (35)64,5256704336311
19.4.1998Me Klubba Cup 1998 Nordic Hockey League
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)37. (49)193,773166198751
28.3.1998VBO 1998 #1 OrebroliganOrebro (SWE)12. (12)1
28.2.1998Hemglass Open 1998 AvestaliganAvesta (SWE)7. (15)39,1090040977699
14.2.1998Orebro Open 1998 Nordic Hockey League
Swedish Tour
Orebro (SWE)27. (37)98,1280644497298
17.1.1998Sundsvallsspelen 1998 Swedish Tour
Nordic Hockey League
Sundsvall (SWE)15. (20)64,4568826210967
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Swedish Masters
Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Nordic Hockey League
Stockholm (SWE)76. (143)163,114626596313
15.11.1997Swedish Championships 1997 Rookies Swedish Championships RookiesStockholm (SWE)17. (26)10
30.8.1997Orebro Summer Cup 1997 OrebroliganOrebro (SWE)16. (16)1
1.6.1997Avesta Open 1997 AvestaliganAvesta (SWE)9. (17)9

Summary of player's team results
18.4.1998Nugents Larjungar BHKSwedish Championships 1998 Teams14. (18)