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Victor Enlund
The best rank ever (1.5.2010)661.
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Club BHK Mollan Rouge
Country Sweden
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Tournaments ordered by date (22 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
11.3.2013Bjorkhagen THL 2012/13 #12 Bjorkhagen THLStockholm (SWE)18. (22)87,2676466770733
28.1.2012Swedish Masters 2012 Swedish Masters
World Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Swedish Tour
Stockholm (SWE)103. (118)176,505532937301
12.9.2011Bjorkhagen THL 2011/12 #2 Bjorkhagen THLStockholm (SWE)11. (14)17,08382620222
29.8.2011Bjorkhagen THL 2011/12 #1 Bjorkhagen THLStockholm (SWE)9. (12)33,977555044802
14.3.2009Malmo Open 2009 Swedish Tour
Malmo Open
Malmo (SWE)13. (19)126,349189305498
2.3.2009Oresundsligan #34 OresundsliganLund (SWE)12. (32)76,1530179109912
15.2.2009Swedish Championships 2009 Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Swedish Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
World Tour
Vastervik (SWE)74. (119)227,443482083198
30.11.2008Oresundsligan #31 OresundsliganLund (SWE)13. (15)22,4583806325194
17.11.2008Oresundsligan #30 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)6. (15)191,431395169186
21.10.2008Oresundsligan #28 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)12. (12)1
8.10.2008Oresundsligan #27 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)9. (12)95,9888164572991
13.9.2008Oresund Cup 2008 Oresund Cup
World Tour
Swedish Tour
Copenhagen (DEN)16. (22)246,568327348608
21.3.2007Oresundsligan #15 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)8. (16)107,566992728591
17.2.2007Oresundsligan #14 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)10. (24)132,713997318291
4.2.2007Swedish Championships 2007 World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Swedish Tour
World Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Goteborg (SWE)141. (174)34
4.2.2007Swedish Championships 2007 Rookies Swedish Championships RookiesGoteborg (SWE)23. (42)20
3.1.2007Mollan Rouge Training Tournament #10 Mollan Rouge Training TournamentsMalmo (SWE)5. (7)27,79193835294
27.11.2006Lund Centrum #1 -Lund (SWE)3. (4)20,4013095389829
7.11.2006Oresundsligan #11 OresundsliganMalmo (SWE)6. (24)183,054269329346
1.11.2006Mollan Rouge Training Tournament #6 Mollan Rouge Training TournamentsLund (SWE)4. (5)2,5
11.10.2006Oresundsligan #10 OresundsliganHelsingor (DEN)12. (14)3
8.7.2000DetArForSchooenForstaDTn JonkopingsliganJonkoping (SWE)12. (14)3

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)