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David Lantz
The best rank ever (1.5.1989)25.
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Club Borlange BH
Country Sweden
City Borlange
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Tournaments ordered by date (13 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
27.1.2013Borlangeligan #1 BorlangeliganBorlange (SWE)2. (9)24,1026102582985
1.4.1989Weelu Cup 1989 Swedish TourEnkoping (SWE)12. (57)203,782132005465
11.2.1989Slipstenscupen 1989 Swedish TourOrsa (SWE)16. (55)181,519212243911
14.1.1989Orebro Cup 1989 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)21. (55)164,723342349526
23.10.1988Swedish Championships 1988 Swedish Tour
Swedish Masters
Swedish Championships
Stockholm (SWE)14. (190)201,846083605453
23.10.1988Swedish Championships 1988 Juniors Swedish Championships JuniorsStockholm (SWE)3. (55)111,901782870541
24.9.1988Oresund Cup 1988 Oresund Cup
Swedish Tour
Lund (SWE)18. (56)144,6275
7.5.1988Orebro Open 1988 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)21. (50)135,266023917383
16.4.1988Umea Open 1988 Swedish Tour
Umea Open
Umea (SWE)14. (52)143,7975
13.2.1988Slipstenscupen 1988 Swedish TourOrsa (SWE)21. (38)114,621518895735
16.1.1988Orebro Cup 1988 Swedish TourOrebro (SWE)11. (46)141,455488349234
25.10.1987Swedish Championships 1987 Swedish Tour
Swedish Championships
Swedish Masters
Stockholm (SWE)72. (190)119
25.10.1987Swedish Championships 1987 Juniors Swedish Championships JuniorsStockholm (SWE)21. (33)13

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
4.3.1989Orsa HSK IISwedish Championships 1989 Teams6. (12)
12.3.1988Orsa HSK IISwedish Championships 1988 Teams5. (17)