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Ramon Klaus
The best rank ever (1.12.2013)478.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Club Fribourg
Country Switzerland
City Schmitten
Birth year 1990
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Ramon Klaus

Tournaments ordered by date (53 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
29.6.2014Zollik Open 2014webSwiss Ranking TournamentsZollikofen (SUI)8. (18)273,120363586893
27.4.2014Swiss Championships 2014 Swiss Championships
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Spiez (SUI)11. (22)122,133626201813
9.2.2014Swiss Tablehockey Masters 2013 Swiss Ranking TournamentsKillwangen (SUI)7. (8)99,779297905811
11.1.2014Uhren-Cup 2014 Swiss Ranking TournamentsGrenchen (SUI)9. (17)188,817412856448
23.11.2013Herbst Cup 2013 Swiss Ranking TournamentsBiel/Bienne (SUI)5. (14)333,382074365471
5.10.2013Swiss Open 2013 World Tour
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Embrach (SUI)15. (22)246,275358128677
6.7.2013Zollik Open 2013 Swiss Ranking TournamentsZollikofen (SUI)10. (15)95,5608813037215
8.6.2013World Championships 2013 World ChampionshipsStavanger (NOR)108. (121)281,400879563927
28.4.2013Swiss Championships 2013 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Spiez (SUI)4. (16)347,566780361661
2.2.2013Adler Mannheim Trophy 2013webDTEV TurnierMannheim (GER)13. (31)197,554210352014
12.1.2013Swiss Tablehockey Masters 2012 Swiss Ranking TournamentsKillwangen (SUI)5. (6)135,340260356624
3.11.2012Herbst Cup 2012 Swiss Ranking TournamentsIttigen (SUI)6. (12)226,262298610174
6.10.2012Swiss Open 2012webSwiss Ranking Tournaments
World Tour
Swiss Open
Ittigen (SUI)17. (23)170,369312697405
30.6.2012Zollik Open 2012 Swiss Ranking TournamentsZollikofen (SUI)2. (12)293,742283701777
28.4.2012Swiss Championships 2012 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Studen (SUI)5. (18)191,227840188932
14.1.2012Swiss Tablehockey Masters 2011 Swiss Ranking TournamentsKillwangen (SUI)5. (8)228,825172026149
9.10.2011Swiss Sportmaster Stop 2011 Swiss Ranking TournamentsIttigen (SUI)5. (9)225,85508770608
8.10.2011Swiss Open 2011/12 World Tour
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Open
Ittigen (SUI)13. (21)188,84661400523
27.8.2011Lutzelfluh Open 2011 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)6. (9)146,466771691161
12.6.2011World Championships 2011 World ChampionshipsTurku (FIN)97. (105)309,115524216579
14.5.2011Berlin Open 2011 World Tour
DTEV Turnier
Berlin Open
Berlin (GER)29. (40)262,926689719982
16.4.2011Swiss Championships 2011 Swiss Championships
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Studen (SUI)4. (21)295,626297669924
5.3.2011Swiss Open 2011webWorld Tour
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Open
Munchenbuchsee (SUI)6. (13)125,562661250848
6.2.2011Sarmi Cup 2011 Swiss Ranking TournamentsSarmenstorf (SUI)6. (16)117,097762739555
20.11.2010Swiss Tablehockey Masters 2010 Swiss Ranking TournamentsKillwangen (SUI)6. (7)82,1947761136989
3.7.2010Lutzelfluh Open 2010 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)3. (7)99,1060261136989
17.4.2010Swiss Championships 2010 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Studen (SUI)9. (25)189,026862448658
7.3.2010Swiss Sportmaster Stop 2010webEuropean Challenge Tour
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Bolligen (SUI)14. (20)66,1654713713822
6.3.2010Swiss Open 2010 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
World Tour
Swiss Open
Bolligen (SUI)12. (24)187,823395256649
17.10.2009Swiss Tablehockey Masters 2009 Swiss Ranking TournamentsKillwangen (SUI)7. (7)1
22.8.2009Lutzelfluh Open 2009 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)9. (13)48,0080493118812
25.4.2009Swiss Championships 2009 Swiss Championships
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Studen (SUI)8. (25)213,779281520873
8.3.2009Swiss Sportmaster Stop 2009webSwiss Ranking Tournaments
European Challenge Tour
Bern (SUI)15. (24)61,3413790583437
7.3.2009Swiss Open 2009webSwiss Ranking Tournaments
World Tour
Swiss Open
Bern (SUI)19. (30)109,025756726153
8.11.2008Helsinki Open 2008 World Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Finnish Ranking Tournaments
Helsinki Open
Helsinki (FIN)96. (102)77,5759994417165
5.7.2008Lutzelfluh Open 2008 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)11. (15)29,7865464261755
26.4.2008Swiss Championships 2008 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Studen (SUI)14. (26)57,5496213309664
26.4.2008Swiss Championships 2008 Juniors Swiss Championships JuniorsStuden (SUI)2. (6)35
1.3.2008Swiss Open 2008webSwiss Open
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
World Tour
Bern (SUI)16. (21)45,2444163896354
7.7.2007Lutzelfluh Open 2007 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)19. (21)7,57375
12.5.2007Wiler Cup 2007 Swiss Ranking TournamentsWiler (SUI)9. (14)8,510871875
31.3.2007Swiss Championships 2007 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Studen (SUI)21. (26)6
31.3.2007Swiss Championships 2007 Juniors Swiss Championships JuniorsStuden (SUI)3. (6)29,1624267722917
17.2.2007Swiss Open 2007 Swiss Open
Swiss Ranking Tournaments
European Challenge Tour
Munchenbuchsee (SUI)17. (21)14,4565533443496
8.7.2006Lutzelfluh Open 2006 Swiss Ranking TournamentsLutzelfluh (SUI)11. (21)38,2031109436054
1.4.2006Swiss Championships 2006 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Studen (SUI)17. (32)19,24625
1.4.2006Swiss Championships 2006 Juniors Swiss Championships JuniorsStuden (SUI)4. (7)13,05019375
17.12.2005Swiss Championships 2005 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Munchenbuchsee (SUI)17. (30)14
17.12.2005Swiss Championships 2005 Juniors Swiss Championships JuniorsMunchenbuchsee (SUI)2. (6)35
17.4.2004Swiss Championships 2004 Juniors Swiss Championships JuniorsBolligen (SUI)2. (7)35
8.6.2003World Championships 2003 Juniors World Championships JuniorsZurich (SUI)24. (24)1
10.5.2003Swiss Championships 2003 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Schmitten (SUI)15. (15)1
13.4.2002Swiss Championships 2002 Swiss Ranking Tournaments
Swiss Championships
Schmitten (SUI)13. (14)2

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
27.4.2014FribourgSwiss Championships 2014 Teams3. (3)
9.6.2013SwitzerlandWorld Championships 2013 Teams11. (15)
28.4.2013FribourgSwiss Championships 2013 Teams1. (3)
28.4.2012FribourgSwiss Championships 2012 Teams2. (2)
11.6.2011SwitzerlandWorld Championships 2011 Teams11. (12)
16.4.2011FribourgSwiss Championships 2011 Teams2. (4)
17.4.2010FribourgSwiss Championships 2010 Teams1. (5)
25.4.2009FribourgSwiss Championships 2009 Teams5. (5)