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Peter Clausen
The best rank ever (1.9.2011)762.
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Club Fremad Eagles
Country Denmark
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Tournaments ordered by date (20 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
29.5.2010Battle of Bronderslev 2010 DBHU Grand PrixBronderslev (DEN)12. (18)75,5794580645464
4.4.2010101.2 FM Ligaen 2010 Playoff BronderslevmesterskabetBronderslev (DEN)15. (17)16,8477885236579
4.4.2010Paske Cup 2010 DBHU Grand PrixBronderslev (DEN)10. (15)50,1406402332006
3.4.2010Danish Championships 2010 Danish Championship Series
Danish Championships
Bronderslev (DEN)13. (28)95,2328426474106
3.4.2010Danish Open 2010 DBHU Grand Slam
DBHU Grand Prix
Bronderslev (DEN)16. (20)17,8987472664191
20.2.2010Vendsyssel Masters 2010 DBHU Grand PrixBronderslev (DEN)8. (22)102,222042410751
20.2.2010Vendsyssel Masters 2010 Juniors Danish GP JuniorsBronderslev (DEN)5. (11)20,4244605243159
5.1.2010101.2 FM Ligaen 2010 #1 BronderslevmesterskabetBronderslev (DEN)8. (10)25,8570952820396
27.12.2009Danish Masters 2009 DBHU Grand Prix
DBHU Grand Slam
Bronderslev (DEN)13. (19)76,9710360472716
8.9.2009KM Fremad Eagles 2009 #5 BronderslevmesterskabetBronderslev (DEN)7. (14)78,5920404072848
5.9.2009Nordjysk Championships 2009 Nordjysk ChampionshipsBronderslev (DEN)11. (18)44,6002778267829
5.9.2009Nordjysk Championships 2009 Juniors Nordjysk Championships JuniorsBronderslev (DEN)5. (9)44,7936356737858
8.2.2009Vendsyssel Masters 2009 DBHU Grand Prix
Danish Championship Series
Bronderslev (DEN)15. (21)37,7395717254466
7.2.2009Danish Championships 2009 Playoff DBHU Grand Prix
DBHU Grand Slam
Danish Championship Series
Bronderslev (DEN)11. (15)68,7471699231465
27.12.2008Danish Masters 2008 DBHU Grand Slam
Danish Championship Series
DBHU Grand Prix
Bronderslev (DEN)16. (17)28,1623798959983
27.12.2008Danish Masters 2008 Juniors Danish GP JuniorsBronderslev (DEN)8. (8)1
18.8.2007Bronderslev City Cup 2007 BronderslevmesterskabetBronderslev (DEN)9. (18)65,1470325295473
18.8.2007Bronderslev City Cup 2007 Juniors Danish GP JuniorsBronderslev (DEN)7. (10)4
5.6.2007Bronderslevmesterskabet #42 BronderslevmesterskabetBronderslev (DEN)12. (12)1
2.6.2007Bronderslev Open 2007 Juniors Danish GP JuniorsBronderslev (DEN)8. (9)2

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)