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Kim Kjar
The best rank ever (1.11.2009)1024.
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Club Skive BIF
Country Denmark
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Tournaments ordered by date (18 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
28.1.2017Herning Masters 2017 DBHU Grand PrixHerning (DEN)6. (16)21,5341616458179
20.9.2009Grena Cup 2009 Midtjylland CupGrena (DEN)4. (11)8
1.11.2008Rebild Grand Prix 2008 DBHU Grand Prix
Danish Championship Series
Skorping (DEN)13. (18)23,435660158071
25.10.2008Grena Cup 2008 Midtjylland CupGrena (DEN)9. (14)6
23.8.2008Aarhus Open 2008 DBHU Grand Prix
DBHU Grand Slam
Danish Championship Series
Aarhus (DEN)13. (25)58,8325408109051
7.6.2008Randers Open 2008 DBHU Grand Prix
Danish Championship Series
Randers (DEN)11. (18)15,6502900081263
17.2.2008Frejlev Cup 2008 Aalborg TournamentsFrejlev (DEN)2. (24)64,177016951455
31.12.2007Stoholm Champagne Cup 2008 Skive PlayoffStoholm (DEN)3. (6)19,111060198265
30.12.2007Skive Playoff #6 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)1. (4)50
29.12.2007Skive Playoff #5 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)1. (4)50
23.12.2007Skive Playoff #4 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)2. (5)72,5903788548463
26.11.2007Conradus Cup 2007 Aalborg TournamentsFrejlev (DEN)8. (25)55,7513953242242
18.11.2007Evolution Anniversary Cup 2007 Torslev Super SundayHjorring (DEN)18. (39)66,1565127272948
12.11.2007Evolution November Monday 2007 Aalborg TournamentsFrejlev (DEN)5. (21)25,5192959578753
2.11.2007Skive Playoff #3 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)5. (10)19,7636455555823
7.10.2007Skive Playoff #2 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)2. (6)20
6.10.2007Skive Playoff #1 Skive PlayoffSkive (DEN)4. (6)5
1.10.2007Aalborg Oktober Cup 2007 Aalborg TournamentsFrejlev (DEN)26. (28)3

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
29.11.2008Skive BIFDanish Championships 2008 Teams4. (7)