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Dominik Salamon
The best rank ever (1.5.2010)1354.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Club NHK Menges
Country Slovenia
City ?
Birth year 1995
Mail address ?
no photo available

Tournaments ordered by date (18 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
8.1.2009NHK Menges 2008/09 #6 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (6)1
13.12.2008Nicholas Tournament 2008webNicholas Tournament
Slovenian Cup
Menges (SLO)14. (15)2
4.12.2008NHK Menges 2008/09 #5 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)5. (5)1
22.11.2008Slovenia Open 2008 Slovenian Cup
World Tour
Slovenia Open
SLO-CRO Intercup
Kranj (SLO)24. (34)27,5240741703355
20.11.2008NHK Menges 2008/09 #4 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (8)13,5146565553946
6.11.2008NHK Menges 2008/09 #3 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)7. (7)1
4.10.2008Menges Open 2008webSLO-CRO Intercup
Menges Open
Slovenian Cup
Menges (SLO)23. (25)4,23603747385582
5.6.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #15 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (7)3,91463842822076
24.5.2008Kranj Open 2008webKranj Open
Slovenian Cup
Kranj (SLO)17. (28)15,0975895214717
22.5.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #14 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)4. (5)5
19.4.2008Gorenjska Cup 2008webSlovenian CupKranj (SLO)17. (19)8,79568260361276
11.4.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #12 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (7)2
29.3.2008Slovenian Spring Cup 2008webSlovenian Cup
Slovenian Spring Cup
Menges (SLO)17. (17)1
27.3.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #11 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (6)1
8.3.2008Menges Cup 2008 Slovenian CupMenges (SLO)15. (16)3,1125
6.3.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #10 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)9. (9)1
22.2.2008NHK Menges 2007/08 #9 NHK Menges TournamentsMenges (SLO)6. (7)2
21.2.2008Slovenian Training Tournament #62 Slovenian Training TournamentsMenges (SLO)3. (4)5

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)