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Ivan Talovera
The best rank ever (1.6.2013)447.
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Club Kluger
Country Russia
City Rostov-on-Don
Birth year 1986
Mail address mail
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Tournaments ordered by date (27 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
9.4.2016Southern Federal District Cup 2016 (Open Cup of Russia 2015/16 # 6) Open Cup of RussiaAzov (RUS)12. (32)302,284387044605
5.9.2015Don Open Championship 2015 #2 Don Open ChampionshipsVolgodonsk (RUS)3. (22)142,442965588626
27.6.2015Don Open Championship 2015 #1 Don Open ChampionshipsRostov-on-Don (RUS)2. (17)175,19763106035
11.4.2015Southern Federal District Cup 2015 (Open Cup of Russia 2014/15 #6) Open Cup of RussiaAzov (RUS)15. (43)205,532830292538
5.4.2014Southern Federal District Cup 2014 (Open Cup of Russia 2013/14 #6) Open Cup of RussiaAzov (RUS)18. (46)226,55390315893
7.4.2013Southern Federal District Cup 2013 Open Cup of Russia
Southern Federal District Cup
Azov (RUS)7. (31)348,736388077691
1.2.2013Rostov Open Championships 2013 Rostov Open ChampionshipsRostov-on-Don (RUS)1. (7)236,740556852446
12.1.2013Kursk Cup 2013 Kursk Cup
Open Cup of Russia
Kursk (RUS)52. (80)217,55818311625
8.4.2012Southern Federal District Cup 2012webSouthern Federal District Cup
Open Cup of Russia
Krasnodar (RUS)17. (40)169,766420795439
12.2.2012Russian Championships 2011/12 #4webRussian ChampionshipsMoscow (RUS)52. (87)334,092014676573
24.12.2011Kharkiv Cup 2011/12 Federation Cup
Kharkiv Cup
Kharkiv (UKR)16. (28)172,674439895284
18.12.2011Russian Championships 2011/12 #3webRussian ChampionshipsMoscow (RUS)68. (94)171,953266183706
20.11.2011Russian Championships 2011/12 #2webRussian ChampionshipsMoscow (RUS)63. (106)169,855975505542
29.10.2011Southern Federal District Open Championships 2011 #2 Southern Federal District Open ChampionshipsAzov (RUS)6. (19)124,10072111774
25.9.2011Southern Federal District Open Championships 2011 #1 Southern Federal District Open ChampionshipsVolgograd (RUS)7. (11)54,1115717059395
21.5.2011Southern Federal District Cup 2011webSouthern Federal District CupRostov-on-Don (RUS)7. (16)140,970997307706
16.4.2011Rostov Open Championships 2011 Rostov Open ChampionshipsRostov-on-Don (RUS)1. (5)125,028701073861
6.3.2011Krasnodar Championships 2011 #2webKrasnodar ChampionshipsKrasnodar (RUS)10. (22)51,192454481551
4.12.2010Southern Federal District Open Championships 2010 #3 Southern Federal District Open ChampionshipsVolgograd (RUS)11. (17)22,5865327306361
31.10.2010Southern Federal District Open Championships 2010 #2webSouthern Federal District Open ChampionshipsKrasnodar (RUS)14. (32)31,5337555614821
10.10.2010Krasnodar Championships 2010 #10webKrasnodar ChampionshipsKrasnodar (RUS)25. (35)14,6639879553647
3.10.2010Russian Championships 2010/11 #1webRussian ChampionshipsMoscow (RUS)65. (99)254,065027724432
26.9.2010Southern Federal District Open Championships 2010 #1webSouthern Federal District Open ChampionshipsRostov-on-Don (RUS)13. (24)31,5766338855764
3.7.2010Black Sea Cup 2010 (Krasnodar Championships 2010 #7) Black Sea Cup
Krasnodar Championships
Gelendzhik (RUS)20. (35)23,1
20.3.2010Moscow Cup 2010 Moscow Cup
World Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Moscow (RUS)151. (176)26
30.1.2010Krasnodar Championships 2010 #1 Krasnodar ChampionshipsKrasnodar (RUS)27. (54)28
16.1.2010Prometey Cup -Rostov-on-Don (RUS)12. (20)9

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)