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Janis Sturmanis
The best rank ever (1.3.2013)282.
Complete archive of player's rank.
Club Ventspils GHK
Country Latvia
City Riga
Birth year 1981
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Tournaments ordered by date (15 tournaments)
Date 6 Tournament Web Series City Pos. Points
23.2.2014Tiem kam Pari 30 2014 Ventspils Friendly TournamentsVentspils (LAT)4. (19)171,001778033366
11.5.2013Latvian Championships 2013 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Latvian Championships
Incukalns (LAT)28. (80)430,233884818446
16.2.2013Latvian Cup 2012/13 #3 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Latvian Cup
Riga (LAT)28. (54)370,97864282155
19.1.2013Riga Championships 2013 Riga Championships
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Riga (LAT)24. (71)432,648820063665
1.12.2012Riga Cup 2012 World Tour Big Six Tournaments
World Tour
Riga Cup
Riga (LAT)72. (150)417,632031498844
3.11.2012Latvian Cup 2012/13 #2 Latvian Cup
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Riga (LAT)22. (68)437,914112702644
6.10.2012Ventspils Cup 2012 Latvia Open
World Tour
Ventspils (LAT)28. (61)432,238116907603
15.9.2012Latvian Cup 2012/13 #1 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Latvian Cup
Incukalns (LAT)31. (62)360,248949287125
5.5.2012Latvian Championships 2012 Latvian Championships
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Incukalns (LAT)59. (87)149,833034048115
31.3.2012Latvian Cup 2011/12 #5 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Latvian Cup
Jekabpils (LAT)52. (73)172,689933896047
18.3.2012Moscow Cup 2012 World Tour
World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Moscow Cup
Mystischi (RUS)148. (234)265,263442089901
11.2.2012Latvian Cup 2011/12 #4 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Latvian Cup
Riga (LAT)49. (58)210,294436974968
21.1.2012Riga Championships 2012 Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Riga Championships
Riga (LAT)54. (68)134,259778942534
3.12.2011Riga Cup 2011 World Tour Big Six Tournaments
Riga Cup
Latvian Ranking Tournaments
World Tour
Riga (LAT)119. (140)138,504225161067
5.11.2011OC Ventspils Cup 2011/12 #1 OC Ventspils CupVentspils (LAT)14. (22)17,5258132389937

coloured tournaments are the players best results, which are counted in the ranking
(only tournaments from the last 2 years count)

Summary of player's team results
6.4.2014Ventspils GHK/Melnie ZirdziniLatvian Championships 2014 Teams9. (16)
3.3.2013Ventspils GHK/Melnie ZirdziniLatvian Championships 2013 Teams10. (15)