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Hydromash Open 2010 #1
Date 20.2.2010
Series Hydromash Tournaments
City Nizhny Novgorod
Web -
Participants 20
Level 5
Value 1850

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.81.-Alexandr ShikerinVolgaRussia361,104631723205
2.25.-Alexandr KosyrevAllianceRussia288,21268038759
3.669.+12Dmitriy AntonovShik Club & CoRussia227,931361361887
4.351.-Sergey KovankinShik Club & CoRussia204,062520625767
5.342.-Alexey KorotkiyShik Club & CoRussia182,106977395025
6.388.-Sergey ShikerinShik Club & CoRussia164,710577010052
7.526.-Evgeniy KirichenkoShik Club & CoRussia153,010209517448
8.980.+54Dmitriy BochkarevShik Club & CoRussia142,358949672174
9.1549.+425Alexandr PitatelevHydromash TeamRussia133,770614729013
10.752.+2Mihail BazhenovShik Club & CoRussia114,588576842923
11.897.+38Alexandr MayorovHydromash TeamRussia94,531001038784
12.554.-Alexandr VolozhaninShik Club & CoRussia70,3667077710044
13.857.+5Vadim FishmanShik Club & CoRussia44,328897986741
14.1751.+122Olga GlazunovaTHC FenixRussia25,3270565665056
15.1093.-Nikita PjanyhShik Club & CoRussia13,3659329978957
16.2799.+212Alexey OmetovNizhny NovgorodRussia7,13929080915932
17.824.-Alexander MescherjakovShik Club & CoRussia4
18.2875.+133Igor StarikovHydromash TeamRussia3
19.2797.+101Dmitriy BochkarevShik Club & CoRussia2
20.3791.+50Sergey SedunovNizhny NovgorodRussia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran