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Moseeg Cup 2006
Date 30.4.2006
Series -
City Hallund
Web -
Participants 19
Level 6
Value 95

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.271.-Bjarne AxelsenBrent Plast BHKDenmark88,1434811827578
2.782.-Mathias LangbakFremad EaglesDenmark32,0577668970435
3.1082.-Anette EngelFremad EaglesDenmark17
4.NEW-Mads BodilsenTeam ShellDenmark16
5.NEW-Jakob BakBHK OsterDenmark15
6.NEW-Ronni NikolajsenBHK OsterDenmark14
7.NEW-Ole JespersgaardBHK OsterDenmark13
8.NEW-Ida JespersgaardBHK OsterDenmark12
9.NEW-Anders RasmussenBHK OsterDenmark11
10.NEW-Kirsten RasmussenBHK OsterDenmark10
11.NEW-Soren JespersgaardBHK OsterDenmark9
12.NEW-Rasmus JespersgaardBHK OsterDenmark8
13.NEW-Birgit EriksenBHK OsterDenmark7
14.NEW-Niels Jorn ChristiansenBHK OsterDenmark6
15.NEW-Gitte LangbakBHK OsterDenmark5
16.NEW-Maria KristensenBHK OsterDenmark4
17.NEW-Lisa KristensenBHK OsterDenmark3
18.NEW-Ib KristensenBHK OsterDenmark2
19.NEW-Sofie JespersgaardBHK OsterDenmark1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran