Minutes of the ITHF (Extraordinary)

Delegate's Conference, Nr. 02



Place: Web

Date: July 18 - August 14, 2005




B. Axelsen (DEN), S. Bernstein (USA), M. Boivie (SWE), V. Kraus (CZE), I. Zubeckis (LAT), A. Schwenter (AUT), H. Lechner (AUT), S. Kraus (CZE), I. Saveljev (EST), M. Kaariainen (FIN), T. Tigges (GER), Y. Aasheim (NOR), G. Vasiliev (RUS), R. Goral (SVK), H. Osterman (SWE), Daniel Letay (HUN)


Minute keeper: I. Zubeckis






Change of the paragraph 11.2.1 of the Constitution:

"Each active member with seven or less World Championship players has one vote. Each active member with eight or more players in the World Championship has two votes. The active member‘s rights to vote are not transferable. The count of World Championship players is taken from the last held World Championship. If the Delegate‘s Conference is held during the World Championship, then the count of World Championship players is taken from the just running World Championship."

Into this new version:

"Each active member has one vote. The active member‘s rights to vote are not transferable."


The motion was rejected.

To accept change in constitution 2/3 majority needed, but votes was 11 „Yes“ to 10 „No“.




The Delegate's Conference voted about the official registration of the ITHF as a legal entity.


The proposal was accepted.




The Delegate's Conference voted for taking the European Championship under the ITHF.


The proposal was accepted.




The Delegate's Conference voted for taking game rules published on http://www.ithf.info/stiga/ithf/rules.asp as the official rules for tournaments organized by the ITHF.


The proposal was accepted.




The Delegate's Conference voted for changing the name of "World League" to "World Table Hockey Tour".


The proposal was accepted.




The Delegate's Conference voted for accepting the Swiss Table Hockey Federation as a new ITHF member.


The proposal was accepted.




The following persons were elected for Technical Commission members:

Stanislav Kraus (CZE),

Mike Caponetti (USA),

Alexey Titov (RUS),

Martin Brodin (SWE)




I.Zubeckis introduced with summary of voting results and effects:


ITHF now have 16 members with following voting rights:

one vote: AUT, CAN, DEN, ITA, SUI, USA;
two votes: CZE, EST, FIN, GER, HUN, LAT, NOR, RUS, SVK, SWE.


ITHF will be registered as legal entity, what means that all members of ITHF will have to fulfil requirements by Enterprise Register. Those requirements will be sent out by Executive Committee.


ITHF now have Technical Commission:

Magnus Boivie (the Sport-director and the Chairman),

Stanislav Kraus, Mike Caponetti, Alexey Titov, Martin Brodin.


The official ITHF game rules are published on ITHF webpage:



Name of “EuroLeague” successor will be “World Table Hockey Tour” and tournaments will be called “World Table Hockey Tour tournament” and “World Table Hockey Tour Big Six tournament”.


It is agreed that ITHF will organize the European Championship. It means that 3rd European Championship will be held on 2nd - 4th June 2006 in Skalica, Slovakia.

After this ECh will be decided will 4th ECh will take place in a periodical interval (2 or 4 years) in the future or will be to put off indefinitely.




Signed by:


V.Kraus, President


I.Zubeckis, Minute keeper