ITHF EC Statement 2013/2

21th of December, 2013

ITHF World Ranking Changes

The last months the Executive Committee of ITHF has discussed how to improve the ITHF World Ranking. Based upon knowledge about how the system is working and great feedback from the member federations the majority of ITHF has agreed about how to improve the ITHF World Ranking from the 1st of January 2014:


1. Remove inflation and make sure players get points for performing instead of travelling

Tournament coefficients are changed from (1.00, 0.99, 0.98, 0.90, 0.70, 0.40)

to (0.96, 0.92, 0.89, 0.83, 0.60, 0.40)

This also means reduced difference between World Tour and National ranking tournaments.

2. Modified definition of series levels

See chapter 2.2 in WR explanation document for details.

3. Ranking is recalculated from the beginning of time to get rid of the inflation.

However, the ranking history is not affected, it is just the tournaments that changes.

If a player was #1 in 2005, he still is.

4. Winning a tournament gives 10 extra points

5. Tournaments are not out of the ranking after 2 years. They are phased out gradually.

After 2 years they lose 20% of their value.

After this, they lose 20% every year.

After 6 years, they are completely out.

6. Player value is either the players best current result, or 80% of the players best ever result.

This means that returning players has a value that are closer to their playing level.

7. 5 tournaments are counted instead of 4.

This makes the ranking a little more active also in the top.


Complete ITHF WR rules are described here:

Signed by ITHF EC: Bjarne Axelsen, Bernard Skrlep, Martin Arenlind, Espen Moe, Eric Krol