Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting, Nr. 02/2005



Place: Web

Date: June 6 - June 21, 2005



Present: B. Axelsen, S. Bernstein, M. Boivie, V. Kraus, I. Zubeckis



Minute keeper: V. Kraus





Executive Committee (EC) voted for dividing positions among its members as described in the ITHF Constitution. The result is:


The President: Vladimir Kraus

The Secretary-general: Intars Zubeckis

The Financial-manager: Steve Bernstein

The Sport director: Magnus Boivie

The Media-manager: Bjarne Axelsen





EC examined the documents (national association constitutions), which were given to the ITHF by every member at the founding-meeting in Riga.


There was found out that some documents are missing from these nations: Estonia, Finland, Norway and Russia. The national associations from these nations were asked to give EC the English translation of their national association constitution till 21st July (preferably till 1st July, if possible).

EC asks all ITHF members to provide: name and contacts (e-mail, phone, GSM phone) of national association president and a person who is responsible for contacts with ITHF. 




EC declared that its priority aim is to register the ITHF as a legal entity.


There is a need to change the Constitution at least by specifying the exact address of the seat of the ITHF. The change of Constitution can be done only by the Delegateís Conference. It means the Extraordinary Delegateís Conference will be called soon.


The date and the description of next Delegateís Conference arenít announced yet. However all members are asked to pass their possible suggestions for changing the Constitution to the EC as soon as possible. Also other suggestions are welcomed.


All ITHF members are also asked to think about their candidates for the Legal Committee and the Technical Commission. Both of these bodies are described in the Constitution and both are supposed to be assembled at the next Delegateís Conference.





Because of the aim to forming the ITHF as a legal entity by making the registration at some country, there was discussed the legal entity of all members of the ITHF. EC wants to be sure that all membersí associations really exist and are accepted in their country. Thatís why EC asks all members to give EC the proof / copy of their registration in their country.


The deadline for giving such documents was set for 31st August.


This deadline is set just as a recommendation. It can be changed or even cancelled in the near future as there will be known more details about the needs for registering the ITHF as a legal entity.


So just now there is no need for ITHF members to register in their country. We just want to start the discussion and make the ITHF members, who arenít registered yet, to try to get know more about the conditions for registering their own association in their country.





There was a voting because of not playing the bronze match in the Open Category at the WCh in Riga. There was decided (by 3 to 2 votes): Both Petter Bengtsson and Peter Ostlund reached the 3rd / 4th position.





EC decided that the WorldRanking created by Martin Arenlind (located at www.worldranking.tk) is now the Official Tablehockey Ranking.


Itís recommended to use this ranking for seeding players at any international tournaments, including the World Championships.


Every member has own responsibility for the accuracy of the results, which are counted into the Ranking from tournaments, which are played at memberís country.


EC expressed a big thanks to Martin Arenlind and Peter Orum who take care about the WorldRanking.





EC discussed the structure and schedule of the world series of tournament in the next season. The result of this discussion is:


The name of the series will be changed into: WorldLeague. Into the overall ranking there will be counted three best results for each player (the same system as in the previous season).


There will be 6 tournaments called WorldLeague Big Six Tournament. The schedule of these tournaments for season 2005/2006 is:


Helsinki Open               (no date available yet)

Riga Open                    10th December

Swedish Masters           21st January (the date may change, will be confirmed soon)

Oslo Open                     25th February (Norwegians are asked to change the date to year 2005, if possible)

Moscow Cup                  18th March

Czech Open (Prague)     8th April


The points awarded for WorldLeague Big Six Tournaments:



150 p


140 p


130 p


125 p





120 p


118 p


116 p


114 p





110 p


108 p


106 p


104 p


102 p


100 p


98 p


96 p





92 p


90 p


88 p


86 p


84 p


82 p


80 p


78 p

Each step from place 25 to 100, the points are diminished by one from 76 to 1.



There will be held also WorldLeague Tournaments in these countries / cities:


Berlin Open, Germany

Bratislava Open, Slovakia + Budapest Open, Hungary (on the same weekend, Saturday + Sunday)

Helsingor, Denmark ††††† 17th September

Boston, USA††††††††††††††††† (April 2006)

Las Vegas, USA †††††††††††† 9th January

Gatineau, Canada††††††††† 22nd October


The other ITHF members who would like to organize also a WorldLeague Tournament are asked to give their suggestions to the EC as soon as possible. The recommendation is that there can be only one WorldLeague tournament in each country + in the previous season there should participate at least 30 players.


The dates for WorldLeague Tournaments will be announced later as the organizers of those tournaments will send the suggested dates to the EC.


The points awarded for WorldLeague Tournaments:



75 p


70 p


65 p


63 p





60 p


59 p


58 p


57 p





54 p


53 p


52 p


51 p


50 p


49 p


48 p


47 p





44 p


43 p


42 p


41 p


40 p


39 p


38 p


37 p

Each step from place 25 to 60, the points are diminished by one from 36 to 1.


Some changes at the supposed schedule may be done until 31st August 2005.





EC has recognized the strong will of the Slovakian Association to organize the European Championships (ECh) 2006 in Skalica, Slovakia on 2nd Ė 4th June 2006. After some discussion (and getting known that the Slovakian Association guarantees the smooth and great process of the ECh) it was decided that ECh will be organized under the ITHF.


It was decided with knowing the information that in any other case the European Table Hockey Federation would be established and the ECh would be organized as well. The decision heads to connecting the table hockey activities under ITHF. Slovakian Association agrees with this.


EC takes in knowing the condition of the Slovakian Association that the ITHF has to be a legal entity in order to Slovakian Association agrees with ECh under the ITHF. The deadline for filling this condition will be announced later.


EC declares that it will support the idea of ECh as much as possible. EC will help Slovakian Association with preparing the ECh, including creating the schedule and structure of the Championships.


EC declares that European Championships should be held in a periodical interval (2 or 4 years) in the future, if it is taken by a good feedback by players in 2006.





Signed by:


V. Kraus, Minute keeper