Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting, Nr. 03/2005



Place: Web

Date: September 1 - September 15, 2005



Present: B. Axelsen, S. Bernstein, M. Boivie, V. Kraus, I. Zubeckis



Minute keeper: V. Kraus





Executive Committee accepted the decision of the Extraordinary Delegate’s Conference and agreed on steps needed for the official registration of the ITHF.


The seat of the ITHF is defined at the ITHF Constitution as the address of its president. It means the Czech Republic is now the seat of the ITHF. It also means that the registration has to be done at the Czech Republic because it’s one of the conditions – to have the seat in the country where registration is made.


The Czech law demands that the constitution of the organization must exactly determine the seat of organization. It means that the Czech translation of the ITHF Constitution which will be used for registration contains the home address of the ITHF president Vladimir Kraus as the address of seat of the ITHF. The address is: Zapadni 3, 323 27 Plzen, Czech Republic. There will be a voting at the next ITHF Delegate’s Conference about this question because it means a change of the ITHF Constitution.


The Czech law says that there must exist a preparatory committee which compacts of at least three members of the registered organization. This committee asks for the registration and it expires after the registration. After the official registration all current members of the ITHF will be also the members of registered ITHF.


The Executive Committee chose these three ITHF members to ask for the ITHF registration: Czech Republic, Latvia and Slovakia. All of these ITHF members have to be officially registered at the national level. The other members of the ITHF don’t have to be and won’t have to be registered at the national level. It depends just on the ITHF Constitution.


A representative from each of chosen ITHF members has to sign the official appeal for the registration. Then the appeal must be send to the Czech Department of Home Affairs together with the ITHF Constitution. The execution of the appeal is free of charge and takes one month. If there won’t be any problems, the ITHF would be officially registered as the international organization.





Executive Committee agrees with the opinion of the Technical Commission and officially announces this information for the European Championship:


There will be played these categories at the European Championship:

-          Open Category with up to 10 players from each country (14 players from organizing country),

-          Ladies Category with up to 4 players from each country (5 home players),

-          Juniors Category with up to 4 players from each country (5 home players), age limit: players born in 1988 or later,

-          Veterans Category with up to 4 players from each country (5 home players), age limit: born in 1966 or sooner,

-          Teams Category with up to 10 nominated players from each country, in one team-match there can play just 5 players,

-          Ladies Teams Category with up to 4 nominated players from each country, in one team-match, there can play just 3 players.


There will be additionally allowed to play also top 10 European players from the overall World Table Hockey Tour 2005/2006 ranking for the Open Category.


The special invitation for the Open Category will be made for Mikael Kratz (current European Champion). The same special invitation will be made also for Sten Svensson for the Veterans Category.



The playing systems for the European Championships will be announced later.





Executive Committee asks all tournament organizers to name the group of referees before the start of each tournament. This group will be responsible for the process of the tournament as it is described at the ITHF Game Rules, point 16 (“The referees have to ensure that these rules are all enforced and respected”).



Signed by:


V. Kraus, Minute keeper