The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 01/2006



Date: 23rd January 2006



Present: B. Axelsen, S. Bernstein, V. Kraus, I. Zubeckis



Solving Problems at National and International Level in Table Hockey

The Executive Committee (EC) of the ITHF would like to ask table hockey associations and table hockey players all around the world to solve local matters at the national level. The ITHF is able to act at the international level, not to solve some local problems which may appear from time to time.


If there appears any problem between a player and an association or between two players of the same nation it should be first solved at the national level. If it is a really important problem, probably the national association should announce an official statement and solve the problem this way.


If anybody isn’t satisfied with any decision of the national association and he would like to raise an objection against such decision, he should make it again at the national level. There may exist two ways – standard way within such national association or the juridical way using a law system of the country.


Just in the case that the local problem has grew over the possibilities of any solving at the national level it can be moved to the ITHF.

A Problem at a Tournament in Ukraine

The EC received a mail from Oleksandr Ansyparovytch on 6th January 2006. The mail informs about a problem at an international tournament in Kiev played on 26th December 2005.


The same mail was sent by Mr. Ansyparovytch also to some national associations all around the world. This was the moment when this issue has become an international problem.


The EC knows that the ITHF cannot make any decision regarding the problem at any tournament in Ukraine. The main reason is that the Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine isn’t a member of the ITHF yet (it will demand its accepting at the next Delegate’s Conference of the ITHF).


Though the EC decided this document will be released. There are two main reasons for such decision. The first reason is the consequence of the problem as it seems from the mail written by Mr. Ansyparovytch. The second reason is to inform about the situation in Ukraine from the point of view of both sides of the conflict. It wasn’t fulfilled in the mail from Mr. Ansyparovytch – some national associations in the world were informed just by one side of the conflict.


We attach the original mail, the statement made by the Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine and the statement made by Dmytro Kudrytsky. All the documents are left without any notice by the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee of the ITHF asks all authorities and persons involved in this problem to try to find a solution which would satisfy everybody and would mean a support to the table hockey movement in Ukraine.


The Executive Committee of the ITHF

23rd January 2005


Attached documents to this statement:



1)    A letter from Mr. Oleksandr Ansyparovytch which was sent by e-mail to the Executive Committee of the ITHF on 6th January 2006: (



Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine


Copy to International Table Hockey Federation




We have to inform you that during the New Year’s rating  Table Hockey tournament within the bounds of popularization of healthy and sport mode of life December 26th, 2005, at the time of rewarding one of the members of the Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine, Dmitriy Kudrytsky, stood up, publicly pronounced himself to win second place, muddled organizers rewarding the participants and disappeared with money.

He reacts on numerous appeals of the editorial office with boorishness via internet, he does not give back the diploma and sum of money responding in a way that the organizers should have enough means for many such people as Kudrutskyi.

In view of an unconcealed player’s mockery of the organizers and other members of Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine, which is observed by thousands of unspoiled guys and girls, we ask you to take measures on establishing order in ranks of Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine.


Yours faithfully

“All about accounting” editorial office’s director


Oleksandr Ansyparovytch



2)    A letter from Mr. Dmytro Kudrytsky which was sent by e-mail to the President of the ITHF on 8th January 2006. This letter was written after previous appeal by the President of the ITHF for an official response:



To the president of the

International Table Hockey Federation


January, 8 2006



Dear Vladimir Kraus,


As you have noticed, there are always at least 2 points of view on any situation. Having read a letter of Oleksandr Ansyparovytch, I was utterly amazed at claims written there. In particular by that the letter was addressed to the Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine. Investigating the case, I ask you to take into consideration the fact that Mr. Ansyparovytch and the Federation represented only one party of the conflict. The reason is that the president of the Federation Andriy Voyush sells “Stiga” games at a high discount to Yukhnytsia Yevhen who is the owner of the newspaper “All about accounting”. Mr. Ansyparovytch is just Yukhnytsia subordinate who expresses his boss’s wishes.


The second party of the conflict is the THC “Juventa” and its president – Dmytro Kudrytsky.


Some history showing you the real commercial side of the incident…

Uniqueness of Ukrainian table hockey consists in that there are two “Stiga” dealers in Ukraine simultaneously. Besides the Federation there is another organization in Ukraine – a table hockey club “Juventa” which held the international tournament “Rendezvous - 2005” on Nov, 19.

THC “Juventa” cooperates with “Europroduct” dealer, and Voyush with the alternative – “Sportmaster”. As I am, Dmytro Kudrytsky, the president of THC “Juventa”, so Voyush wants to discredit my name on the international level, which will enable him to monopolize “Sportmaster” in Ukraine. Surely such a situation will be beneficial for Voyush, who resells “Stiga” games from this dealer.


The provocation from Voyush side, who initiated this scandal, is aimed at a blow to “Juventa” club prestige and its president Dmytro Kudrytsky. Note, please, that at the same time I’m the strongest player in Ukraine nowadays a THC “Juventa” develops table hockey in Ukraine no less than the Federation. Below I will enlist 3 facts about Juventa, which represent important events and even precedents in Ukrainian table hockey history:




Now about the “New Year’s rating Table Hockey tournament” itself…

A very strange formula was used at the tournament on 26 December, 2005 in Kiev. That’s why the tournament organizers made numerous mistakes calculating the results during the tournament. The final four, who are the experienced players, after the finish of the last round, were absolutely sure that the first place had won Raivis Sternats, the 2nd – Dmytro Kudrytsky,

the 3rd – Aleksandr Kosyrev and the 4th – Alex Gusak. Exactly at that moment the organizers started the ceremony оf announcing and rewarding the winners. When they announced that number 3 was Kudrytsky, the final four persuaded them that number 3 was Kosyrev and number 2 was Kudrytsky!

After the ceremony was finished all the tournament participants went to the banquet together, and, naturally, Dmytro Kudrytsky was among them.


Saying this I want to mention that, for that moment, the whole blame lay exclusively on the tournament organizers:

  1. doubtful formula of the tournament;
  2. tournament organizers’ uncertainty in their own results calculation.


Only 2 days (!) after the final results of the tournament having been announced, I was called and told in an imperious tone to return the diploma and money to the organizers and besides that to bring them to the editorial office. Moreover, no a word of apologies to me was said! This gesture sounded so impudent and offensive that I on principal refused to return the money.


After that the tournament organizers went even further. In the internet they trumpeted that I “misappropriated the money and the diploma and don’t want to return them”. They wrote, as well, that it was precisely me to be guilty for that I was announced number two. As a respond to that, a couple of phrases from the site visitors followed this, they wrote something like that: “If Kudrytsky is guilty, he must return the money.”


But none of the final four, including Kosyrev, wrote anything negative about Dmytro.


Even despite the fact the next day after the tournament I paid the large telephone bills and I had no money awarded left, I wrote the following answer in the internet:

I’m ready to return the money to the tournament organizers provided that they personally apologize to me. If they pay neither to Kosyrev nor apologize to me, I’ll personally compensate to him the lacking sum.”


The organizers paid him. As far as no apologies followed, so no money was returned to the organizers. And still now I don’t consider it’s necessary to do so, as I’m the one who is a victim, not the guilty, as the organizers mention everywhere!



In conclusion…

Besides that, I’m unpleasantly surprised by that the organizers misrepresent and fabricate the facts. In particular, it’s absolutely not clear what “mockery over the organizers by Kudrytsky” they are talking about. And moreover what “thousands of guys and girls” Mr. Ansyparovytch is writing about, taking into consideration that there are just 277 Ukrainian players in the ITHF ranking today!?


Here I’d like to give an example from the world practice. In 2002 at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City during the figure skating contest a mistake was made. Winners of the first and the second places were confused. As a result two pairs of sportsmen were standing on the top of pedestal ( – from Russia and Canada.

According to the world sport history, the presented rewards and money prizes were taken away only from those who used the dope!


Andriy Voyush heads the Table hockey federation of Ukraine today. Last year he was elected by some table hockey players from Kiev but it’s not known what period for. And now as a president, getting benefit from the cooperation with one of the “Stiga” dealers, he took the dictator’s powers to himself. Due to the present conflict Voyush wants to use ITHF with the aim to practically liquidate the influence of the leader dealer at the Ukrainian market together with their partner THC “Juventa”. This is the real reason of the conflict.



I ask ITHF to investigate the case and take necessary measures, because the organizers of the “New Year’s rating Table Hockey tournament” and the president of  Table Hockey Federation of Ukraine Andriy Voyush have done serious moral damage to THC “Juventa” and its president Dmytro Kudrytsky.



I would appreciate greatly if you, Vladimir, could send this letter to those who are also responsible for making decision on this case.




President of THC “Juventa”,


Dmytro Kudrytsky



3)    A letter from the Federation of Board Hockey of Ukraine which was sent by e-mail to the President of the ITHF on 16th January 2006. This letter was written after previous appeal by the Executive Committee of the ITHF for an official response:


Federation of Board Hockey of Ukraine



FBHU regional representatives meeting

 «13» January 2006.
№ 1


Chairman of the meeting                  —                A. Voyush — President of FBHU, Kiev
Secretary                        —                A. Gusak — regional representative, Kiev



A. Voyush — President of FBHU, Kiev;

A. Vedernikov — regional representative, Odessa;

V. Кhudelya — regional representative, Kirovograd;

A. Gusak — regional representative, Kiev.



I. Election of Chairman of the meeting, the candidate — A. Voyush.

II. Election of secretary of the meeting, the candidate — A. Gusak.

III. Examination of situation happened during winners rewarding in the international tournament for prizes from “Vse o Buhgalterskom uchete” newspaper. 


I. 3 persons have voted re first question:


Placet — 3.

Non placet — 0.

Abstained from voting — 0.

A. Voyush was elected as Chairman of the meeting.


II. 3 persons have voted re second question:


Placet — 3.

Non placet — 0.

Abstained from voting — 0.

A. Gusak was elected as secretary of meeting.


III. The situation happened during winners rewarding in the international tournament for prizes from “Vse o Buhgalterskom uchete” newspaper was considered.

During tournament winners rewarding one of participant D. Kudritskij interfered in field judge’s actions that resulted in results misrepresenting and also in incorrect winners rewarding. Tournament organizers have admitted their guilt in the situation happened and presented their apologies to the tournament participants. In order to right they made a request to D. Kudritskij to give back money and diploma.  The reaction of D. Kudritskij on this address was abusive for participants of tournament, supported by FBHU. His behavior projected negative image of FBHU.

Earlier, during first stage of Ukrainian Open Championship carrying out of 2005-2006 season that took place in Kirovograd city D. Kudritskij was made a verbal disqualification warning, as the actions of the last one resulted in conflict origin in the ranks of FBHU and in negative opinion of world Board Hockey organization re FBHU.  

Taking into account abovementioned, it was decided to vote against the question of D. Kudritskij’s disqualification for one calendar year from all tournaments supported by FBHU.


3 persons have voted.

Placet 2.

Non placet 1.

Abstained from voting — 0.


Consequently, because of:

interference in field judge’s actions, resulted in significant change of tournament results;

disrespectful attitude to organizers of tournament;

disrespectful attitude to participants of tournament;

undermining of UFBH image,

in accordance to Regulations of UFBH about carrying out of BoardHockey Ukrainian Championship  in the season of 2005 — 2006, according to points 2.4, 2.3 and closing abstract of this Regulations the meeting has RESOLVED:


1. To disqualify D. Kudritskij from the competitions of all levels held by FBHU or supported by it till February 1, 2007

2. To inform BH international community of happened incident and of the decision made by FBHU.

The decision comes in its force from the February 1, 2006


The Chairman of Meeting

A. Voyush                                           ___________


The Secretary of Meeting

A. Gusak                                              ___________




A. Vedernikov                     _____________


V.Khudelya                          _____________