The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 02/2006

Date: 25th January 2006


The Executive Committee releases this statement with important information about a draft of changed document of the table hockey game rules, the registration of the ITHF and changes in the ITHF Constitution.

The Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference is called by this document.

There are also some more information about the cooperation with the STIGA co. and creating a schedule for the next WTHT season in this statement.

We ask all the ITHF members to pay attention to this important document.

Contact list of the ITHF Members

We would like to ask all the ITHF members to provide their official contacts. They will be used for internal use within the ITHF only.

We would like to have next information from all the ITHF members:

-          e-mail contact(s) to the association,

-          webpage of the association,

-          address of a seat of your association,

-          phone number of your contact person(s).

Cooperation with the STIGA co.

The Executive Committee tries to establish a good relation with the STIGA co. We would like to create a better cooperation with the producer of “our” table hockey game in all the countries of the ITHF members.

It was also a reason why the Executive Committee has created a document related to a cooperation between the ITHF members and local distributors of the STIGA co. We have asked all the members to provide us details about their relations to local distributors. The goal is to get know the current situation all around the world and to prepare some suggestions for improving it.

We got a lot of responses from the ITHF members. But we still miss responses from these members / countries:

-          Austria (*), Estonia (*), Germany, Italy, Norway (*), Russia and Slovakia (*).
(*) these nations sent their answers after releasing this document

We ask all these members to provide us the information. The questionnaire should be found in your mail box, it was sent on 6th December 2005. In the case it isn’t there, we will send it once again.

The schedule for the next season of the WTHT

The Executive Committee sent a mail about planning tournaments for the next season of the World Table Hockey Tour 2006/2007 on 6th December. The mail was sent to all the ITHF members in this wording:

This time seems to be suitable to ask you for your comments to the WTHT. We are interested in your opinion about the structure (count of tournaments, two levels of WTHT tournaments); the points awarded for two levels of tournaments and about anything else you would like to tell us.

This time is also suitable to announce the deadline for sending the requests for organizing the WTHT tournaments in the 2006/2007 WTHT season. The deadline for applying for WTHT tournaments is the end of April 2006.

Please, post your comments at the discussion board at webpage or send it to

The Game Rules

The Technical Commission (in fact just 3 members of the Commission: Martin Brodin, Mike Caponetti and Stanislav Kraus) had produced a draft of the official ITHF rule document. These rules have been produced with the cooperation and experience of three representatives of important table hockey nations who have worked with a complete and thoughtful interpretation and clarification of the previous ITHF rules.

The Technical Commission recommends that this rules version shall be adopted as the “official” ITHF rules and that it shall be used by all nations participating in Stiga table hockey.

The Executive Committee recommends start a discussion among all table hockey players about the draft. Please, use the guestbook at for your comments.

If there would be any suggestions, they can be added into the draft by the Executive Committee or the Technical Commission. There must be created a final version of the draft which will be delivered for a voting at the next Delegates’ Conference. There can be also some separate suggestion (not passed by Executive Committee or Technical Commission) delivered for voting at the next Delegates’ Conference.

The draft prepared by 3 members of the Technical Commission can be found here:

The ITHF Constitution, the Registration of the ITHF

As a result of the previous Delegates’ Conference there was in progress the process of registering the ITHF. The President of the ITHF, Vladimir Kraus, had to fulfil this task as the seat of the ITHF was designated as the address of the President of the ITHF. It means that the registration had to be made in the Czech Republic as the country where the seat of the ITHF is situated.

The registration was conducted by the Czech law system. This meant a necessity of implementation some changes in the ITHF Constitution. The Executive Committee believes that the changes are just minor and they don’t change the purpose of the Constitution. We can also postulate that very similar changes (or just the same changes) would be needed when registering the ITHF in any other country.

The changes were needed to implement in order that the document would become a deed with a juridical power where nothing is unclear or even irregular.

The changed version can be found at:

The original (signed) version is here:

These paragraphs were changed:

1.1 (the ITHF unites associations, not players),

1.2 (the ITHF member can become an association, not necessary just a national association – this was meant also in the original version, paragraph 6.1; what more, there exists at least one ITHF member which isn’t a national association; in fact it doesn’t matter, just one association can become an ITHF member, the Delegates’ Conference decide about it),

3.1 (the seat must be stated explicitly),

4.3 (a “non-profit organization” is a term used in a law system),

5.1 (a nation can’t be a member; as were stated in an original version),

6.3 (just a more accurate form),

19.1.10 (added a word “special” – a more accurate form),

20 (the original version wasn’t possible to be accepted by a law system; the legal validity must be exactly stated in the Constitution; the current version means that the whole Executive Committee has a common power as a “statutory body”),

26.3 + 26.4. (just a more accurate form),

27 (the original version wasn’t possible to be accepted by a law system; if there is any problem with any member, it must be solved in a juridical way, it can’t be explicitly stated in the Constitution),

29 (the words “disbanding” and “liquidation” were changed into the words: “forfeiture”, “dissolution” and “winding-up” as it is demanded by a law system; the content of the paragraph in point 29 was ordered in accordance with a law system),

30 (just a more accurate version),

32 (just a more accurate version)

There were made also some minor changes in the English grammar in other paragraphs.

The ITHF is registered

The process of registration wasn’t short. After few months of preparations there was finally a response from the Czech Department of Home Affairs that the International Table Hockey Federation is officially constituted and can act as an official international non-government organization.

This decision was made under the reference number: VS-7123/SDR/1-2005 by the Czech Department of Home Affairs in Prague on 21st December 2005. Here is a copy of the official decision:

Now the ITHF has to call the Delegates’ Conference and vote for the change of the Constitution. Then all the needed steps for the registration of the ITHF will be done.

The registration of the ITHF means that we can sign an agreement with any organization 

The official registration and the conditions in our Constitution mean that the members of the ITHF don't have to be registered at the national level. It means that all the current members are the members of the ITHF also after its registration.

The Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference

The Executive Committee calls for the Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference. The main reason is to vote about the changes in the Constitution (as it is stated above).

Another reason for calling the DC is to vote about the document of game rules.

There will proceed also a voting about taking the Federation of Board Hockey of Ukraine into the ITHF during the next DC. This Federation has fulfilled the condition of providing the English translation of its constitution, so there is a need to make a voting during the DelegatesConference about entering the ITHF.

We ask all the ITHF members for trying to find some candidates for the Legal Committee of the ITHF. There should pass elections into the Legal Committee at the next DC.

The Extraordinary Delegate’s Conference will be held via Internet between 6th March and 19th March 2006. All motions for the DC should be introduced before 19th February. It includes also all motions for any changes in the game rules.

More detail information about the next Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference will be announced to all ITHF members by the Executive Committee before 19th February.


Please, take this document as an impulse for a discussion about the introduced document of game rules.

If there is found a will for accepting this draft, there will be a voting at the next Delegates’ Conference. If there doesn’t exist enough support for the document, it may be changed before the DC, during the DC or there won’t be any such voting at the DC at all.

Take this document also as a notice that the ITHF Constitution is going to be changed at the next Delegates’ Conference.

Please, study the changed version of the Constitution. If you find anything which you don’t understand, contact the Executive Committee, we will try to clear all questions. If you don’t agree with any new paragraph, there will be a chance to change anything during the Delegates’ Conference; you just have to introduce your suggestion for any change in advance.



The Executive Committee of the ITHF

Signed by Vladimir Kraus, the President of the ITHF