The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 03/2006

Date: 10th February 2006

Personal changes in the ITHF

The Executive Committee has got the official statement from Alexey Titov announcing his resignation from the Technical Commission.


The resignation was announced also by Magnus Boivie. He resigns from his position at the Executive Committee and also from the position at the Technical Commission. The Executive Committee would like to thank Magnus for his effort he gave to the ITHF during the process of its creation and also after the birth of ITHF. Magnus hasnít enough time for table hockey these days and this is the reason for his resignation.


The Executive Committee decided to organize elections for one position at the Executive Committee and for one position at the Technical Commission during the next Delegates' Conference (see We ask all ITHF members to introduce their candidates for these positions at the ITHF.


We have already announced that there will be also held the election for the Legal Committee at the next Delegates' Conference. We ask for introducing candidates for this ITHF body too.

Playing rules

The Executive Committee asks all ITHF members to continue at the discussion held at the guestbook at concerning the playing rules.

Cooperation with Stiga Games 

The Executive Committee has a response from the Stiga Games because of cooperation between ITHF and Stiga Games now. Our first common task will be the creation of sheet with contact information about the ITHF and all ITHF members. This sheet will be placed in all boxes with new games and the sheet will be put there by Stiga Games There is a sheet with information just in Swedish language and only few national distributors put there some local information now. This change will mean that everybody who buys a new game will have information about the ITHF and about the national association which is a member of the ITHF.


That's why the Executive Committee asks all ITHF members to provide their contacts which can be written at the sheets in all new STIGA hockey boxes (external contacts). Also the Executive Committee reminds that not all members have provided contacts for internal ITHF use (see