The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 04/2006

Date: 2nd March 2006

Change of date of the Extraordinary Delegatesí Conference

The Executive Committee has decided that the date of the planned Extraordinary Delegatesí Conference will be moved to 24th April Ė 7th May. The reasons for this change are:


1)    discussion about the document of Playing Rules is held very intensive during last days. It will be better to continue in this discussion prior to vote about this document at the Delegatesí Conference,

2)    there arenít enough candidates for elections planned for the next Delegatesí Conference. There will be held elections for the Executive Committee (1 position), the Technical Commission (1 position) and for the whole Legal Committee. All ITHF members are asked again to introduce their candidates for ITHF bodies. Itís important for the next activity of the ITHF to have all bodies described at the Constitution working.

Playing rules

The Technical Commission has prepared this changed version of the document of Playing Rules:


You can find discussion concerning this document at:


Previous statements

The Executive Committee would like to remind that still not all ITHF members have sent answers to questions asked in previous statements.


You can find the history of all statements released by the Executive Committee at: