The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 05/2006

Date: 13th April 2006


Extraordinary Delegates Conference

The Technical Commission has released an update of the Playing Rules document. We ask all ITHF members to study it and to be ready for voting about it during the next Extraordinary Delegates' Conference which will be held 24th April - 14th May. The document can be found here:


The list of questions for the forthcoming Extraordinary Conference:



1) Do you agree with the registered version of the ITHF Constitution? The registered document can be found here:


2) Do you agree with the document of Playing Rules as prepared by the Technical Commission of the ITHF? The suggested document can be found here:


3) Do you agree with accepting the Federation of Board Hockey of Ukraine as the member of the ITHF?


4) Elections for 2 positions at the Executive Committee of the ITHF (Magnus Boivie and Steve Bernstein have resigned for their positions).


5) Elections for 1 position at the Technical Commission of the ITHF (Alexey Titov has resigned for his position).


6) Elections for 5 positions at the Legal Committee of the ITHF.


The Executive Committee has decided that the elections at the next Delegate's Conference will be executed separately. The first week of DC (24th April - 30 April) will belong to the elections for the Executive Committee, the second week 1st May - 7th May to the elections for the Technical Commission and the third week 8th May - 14th May will belong to the elections to Legal Committee. There will be a possibility to update the list of candidates at the first day of second and third week - the reason is that the unsuccessful candidates would be able to announce their candidatures into another ITHF body.


The first 3 questions will be open for voting for whole time the Delegates' Conference will be held. They will be closed earlier as long as the result of voting is decided. 

WTHT 2006/2007 Schedule

The Executive Committee has asked all the ITHF members to announce the dates for their tournaments for the next WTHT season TILL THE END OF APRIL. We have exact dates only from Latvia, Denmark and Norway (as for 12th April). We ask all organizers who would like to include their tournament under the WTHT 2006/2007 to announce their interest and dates till the end of April.


As this problem of WTHT 2006/2007 isn't solved now and the Delegates' Conference will be held at the time of deadline for applications for the tournaments, it's possible that there will be added a question about WTHT 2006/2007 for 2nd or 3rd week of the next Delegates' Conference.