The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 07/2006

Date: 25th May 2006

WTHT 2006/2007

The Executive Committee decided the playing system of the World Table Hockey Tour 2006/2007.


14 tournaments will be included in the WTHT 2006/2007:



29th July, Lemont, USA

16th September, Copenhagen, DEN (date of this tournament was changed)

30th September, Oslo, NOR, WTB6

21st October, Gatineau, CAN

28th October, Helsinki, FIN, WTB6

9th December, Riga, LAT, WTB6



29th January, Las Vegas, USA

3rd – 4th February, Göteborg, SWE, WTB6

24th February, Bratislava, SVK

25th February, Budapest, HUN

17th – 18th March, Moscow, RUS, WTB6

7th April, Boston, USA

21st April, Berlin, GER

5th May, Prague, CZE, WTB6


8th – 10th June, Moscow, RUS, World Championship


The Big 6 Tournaments (“WTB6”) will be held at the same places as the last season. The other 8 tournaments (“WTHT tournaments”) will be awarded by fewer points than WTB6 – the calculation is the same as at the WTHT 2005/2006:



WTB6 points system


WTHT point system


150 p


75 p


140 p


70 p


130 p


65 p


125 p


63 p



120 p


60 p


118 p


59 p


116 p


58 p


114 p


57 p



110 p


54 p


108 p


53 p


106 p


52 p


104 p


51 p


102 p


50 p


100 p


49 p


98 p


48 p


96 p


47 p



92 p


44 p


90 p


43 p


88 p


42 p


86 p


41 p


84 p


40 p


82 p


39 p


80 p


38 p


78 p


37 p

Each step from place 25 to 100, the points are diminished by one from 76 (36) to 1



A new rule was approved by the Executive Committee for points counted into the overall WTHT ranking.


There will be 2 options how a player can collect his/her best result:

1) the best three results for players from all WTHT tournaments are counted into the overall WTHT ranking. It means that the maximum count of points for a player is 450 (3 wins at WTB6);

2) the best two results for player from all WTHT tournaments that are not WTB6 are added together and multiplied by 0.75; it means that 4 tournaments can be counted into the overall WTHT ranking if 2 WTHT results are counted as described. This rule can be used just for 2 WTHT tournaments for each player in the season.
Example: a player who won 2 WTB6 + 2 WTHT gets 150 + 150 + (75 + 75) * 0.75 = 412 points (rounds are made down).

The motivation for setting this new rule is to attract more players to WTHT tournaments as the players with the new system can get more points from these tournaments into the overall WTHT ranking.

The best option for each player will be selected automatically in the overall WTHT ranking, e.g. if a player gets more points using the first option it will be used. But if the result using the second option is better, then the second option will be used.



The best 10 players from the overall WTHT ranking will get a direct nomination for the World Championship 2007. Up to 3 players from one nation can get this direct nomination. Direct nomination is not transferable to any player below 10th position at the WTHT ranking.



The decision rule for the overall WTHT ranking when more players have same overall points:

  1. comparing the players' highest points
  2. comparing the players' points in tournaments that they all have attended
  3. comparing the numbers of participants in tournaments where the players got their highest points
  4. comparing the results of all matches between the players during the whole season
  5. comparing the score from ALL WTHT tournaments
  6. ITHF World Ranking


Signed by:


B. Axelsen, P. Bengtsson, V. Kraus, M. Papp, I.Zubeckis

The Executive Committee members