The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 09/2006

Date: 20th September 2006

Document of Tournament Rules

The Technical Commission of the ITHF has prepared the draft version of the Tournament Rules document. The Executive Committee asks all the ITHF members to read this document and to send any comments to the Executive Committee or to post them at the ITHF discussion webpage.


The document of the Tournament Rules can be found here:


The next Delegatesí Conference of the ITHF will vote about this document. The date of this Conference will be set by the Executive Committee later.

Candidates for next World and European Championships

The Executive Committee announces that the candidates for organizing of the World Championships 2009 and the European Championships 2008 have to send their candidatures in till 30th April 2007. The candidatures must be sent to the Executive Committee.


The candidatures should contain the description of the organizers concept, guarantees of the tournament and other needed matters which are necessary for the Championships to be run in a good shape.


All the candidatures will be introduced at the ITHF webpage on 1st May 2007 at the latest. The decision about the organizers of the next Championships will be made at the Delegatesí Conference held during the World Championships 2007 in Moscow.


The Delegatesí Conference in Moscow will also decide if another European Championships is organized in the future and also the system of this tournament. As some nations have not sent their best players to the last European Championships, the Executive Committee asks all the ITHF members to start a discussion about the future of this tournament.

Pakistan Table Hockey Federation

The Executive Committee has received an official request from the Pakistan Table Hockey Federation to enter the ITHF. The Executive Committee has also received an English translation of their Constitution.


All conditions for accepting the new ITHF member described at the ITHF Constitution were fulfilled and the next Delegatesí Conference will decide this matter.


The Executive Committee asks all tournament organizers to help the players from Pakistan with getting visa to participate at the tournaments.

Czech Open 2007 in Plzen

The Czech Association of Stiga Game has decided that the Czech Open 2007 will be organized in Plzen (World Championships 2001 and an Euroleague 2004 tournament were held in this city, too).


The main reason for moving this tournament from Prague is the much bigger capacity of the playing venue in Plzen than in Prague. The Czech organizers await many more than 100 participants, so the change of the venue seems to be very reasonable. More information about the tournament will be published at soon.


The Executive Committee has agreed to this change of the WTHT schedule.

Latvian Table Hockey Federation announcement

According to resolution (dated Sep 19, 2006) of disciplinary committee of LTHF decision about disqualification of Valts Smagars is changed.

According previous resolution (dated Jun 26, 2006) V.Smagars had to miss 2 Latvian Ranking Tournaments (Sep 23 and Oct 14).

Changed resolution supersedes disqualification from Sep 20 till Oct 26 with 50 LVL fine, what have to be paid to LTHF till
Nov 20, 2006. If money fine will not be paid in time, there will be 2 months disqualification (Nov 21, 2006 - Jan 20, 2007). Resolution about 1
year suspended disqualification is still effective, but since V.Smagars can play in tournaments probation period is changed and is valid from Sep 20, 2006 till Oct 26, 2007 (e.g. end time of period not changed).






Signed by:


B. Axelsen, P. Bengtsson, V. Kraus, M. Papp, I.Zubeckis

The Executive Committee members