The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 10/2006

Date: 28th September 2006

Reigning World Champion and WTHT Top 10 for WCh

The Executive Committee has decided that the previously released rule about top 10 players from the overall WTHT ranking getting nominations for the World Championship has to be given more precision this way:


The reigning World Champion will not be counted into the overall WTHT top 10 ranking for the purpose of getting players with nominations for the next World Championship. It means if there is the reigning World Champion among the top 10 of the overall WTHT ranking, also 11th best player will get a nomination for the World Championship.


The reason for this rule is that the reigning World Champion has an automatic nomination for the next World Championship and he does not need to use the rule of WTHT Top 10 Players. If he is placed among the top 10 WTHT players he would in fact prevent one player to use the WTHT Top 10 Rule.





Signed by:


B. Axelsen, P. Bengtsson, V. Kraus, M. Papp, I.Zubeckis

The Executive Committee members