The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 11/2006

Date: 29th November 2006

Updated Version of Document of Tournament Rules

The Executive Committee and the Technical Commission have prepared the update of the draft version of the Tournament Rules document. The Executive Committee asks again all the ITHF members to read this document and to send any comments to the Executive Committee or to post them at the ITHF discussion webpage.


The document of the Tournament Rules can be found here:


The next Delegatesí Conference of the ITHF will vote about this document. The date of this Conference will be set by the Executive Committee later.

Trophy for Overall WTHT Winner

The organizers of all WTHT Big 6 Tournaments have agreed on awarding the trophy for the overall winner of the World Table Hockey Tour 2006/2007. The trophy will be bought using money collected by the organizers of Big 6 Tournaments. The trophy will be introduced soon.






Signed by:


B. Axelsen, P. Bengtsson, V. Kraus, M. Papp, I.Zubeckis

The Executive Committee members