The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 2/2007

Date: 19th February 2007

Questions for Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference

The Executive Committee has called for the Extraordinary Delegates’ Conference for 5th – 11th March 2007. This Conference will be held on Internet at at the guestbook for the national Delegates.


The questions to be decided by the Delegates’ Conference:

Declaration about requests for ITHF membership

The Executive Committee has received two requests for the ITHF membership: from Pakistan and from Ukraine.


Both requests have fulfilled the conditions set by the valid version of the ITHF Constitution. This is why the Delegates’ Conference has to decide both requests.

Situation in Pakistan

The Executive Committee has not any information about any table hockey tournaments organized in Pakistan. The only known table hockey activity from Pakistan was sending the English translation of the constitution to the Executive Committee of the ITHF.

Situation in Ukraine

There is the National championship consisting of 5 stages taking place in 3 cities: Crimea, Kiev and Odessa. There are also the local championships in the cities where the table hockey life is active.
There was a National tournament for pupils organized by international magazine for kids "Poznaiko", with support of the Ukrainian federation; it took place in all regional centers.

The first Team/Club tournament with also foreign teams participating was organized in May 2006.

Promo tournaments take place in different cities. This helps to attract new players from those cities to the National championship.

The Ukrainian Federation also cooperates with different companies to attract them as sponsors and also continues to cooperate with the governmental agency (working under The Ministry of Youth and Sport) "Sport for all".

The Ukrainian Championships at the World Ranking:


The Ukrainian ranking:

Kiev ranking:
Odessa ranking:

Photos at the web page of the Federation:

Reminders for ITHF members

The Executive Committee announces the list of reminders for the ITHF members:


The announced dates are needed to follow in all the described topics: WCh / ECh candidacies, the WTHT 2007/2008 schedule, the ITHF bodies elections.





Signed by:

B. Axelsen, P. Bengtsson, V. Kraus, M. Papp, I.Zubeckis

The Executive Committee members