The Statement of the Executive Committee Nr. 3/2007

Date: 27th August 2007

Levels of World Ranking Tournament

The Executive Committee decided that the official ITHF World Ranking has 6 levels. The basic description and coefficients for the levels are:


Level 1 (coefficient 1.00) - World Championships
Level 2 (coefficient 0.99) – World Tour B6 and Continental Championships
Level 3 (coefficient 0.98) - World Tour
Level 4 (coefficient 0.90) - National competitions
Level 5 (coefficient 0.70) – Sanctioned Local competitions
Level 6 (coefficient 0.40) – Other Local competitions

Level 4 Tournament Definition

Level 4 tournaments are the national series of the highest ranking tournaments in each country. If the number of these tournaments is higher than 13 during the year the Technical Commission of ITHF can change the leveling.

Responsibility for WR Leveling

Each ITHF member is responsible for applying the World Ranking levels of the tournaments in its country. The Technical Commission of ITHF is responsible for the countries which are not members of the ITHF.

National ranking systems

The Executive Committee asks the ITHF members to briefly describe their national ranking system. Please send the description to: This information will be used for ensuring that the levels of tournaments in the World Ranking are set correctly.

Registration of ITHF members

The Executive Committee asks all the ITHF members to send the proof of their registration at the national level. Please send the needed information to:


The registration is needed since 1st September 2007 in order to have the status of active member. This condition was described at the EC statement: The rule was confirmed at the Delegates’ Conference Nr. 4:


Please notice that no ITHF member will be allowed to vote (to have the active member status) until proving the registration.





Signed by:

The Executive Committee members