Table Hockey Visited Its Big Brother

There was held the IIHF World Championship 2006 Division 1 in Tallinn, Estonia. National ice hockey teams from Austria, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Croatia participated at this tournament played at the largest complex in Estonia at the arena Saku Suurhall in April 2006. Thousands of hockey fans had an opportunity not to only watch ice hockey but also to get know Stiga table hockey.


All fans of ice hockey could test their skills against best Estonian table hockey players during the IIHF World Championship. Markus Laakso, the world top-level table hockey player from Finland, was also showing his master skills at show for ice hockey fans. Its possible to say that sometimes the table hockey show attracted fans not less than the ice hockey show at the arena sometimes. Table hockey demonstration had also big interest of press and TV.


The last day of the IIHF Championship belonged also to the final of table hockey tournament which was organized by the Estonian Table Hockey Union (ELHL). Opening ceremony was lead by the president of the Estonian Federation of Ice Hockey Mr. Priit Vilba who has made the first face-off. The first place among 18 participants won Oleg Lomakin, second place got Jevgeni Mestserjakov and third Igor Saveljev (all from Estonia). The medalist received special prizes with symbolic of the IIHF World Championship.


Igor Saveljev

Member of board of the Estonian Table Hockey Union