ITHF EC Statement

22nd of September 2012.



Thank you very much to 11 out of 12 member associations with voting rights for voting in the Extraordinary Delegates Conference of ITHF, Autumn 2012.

I appreciate very much that the member federations are expressing their opinions by being an active part of the delegates conferences.



Future World Championships and European Championships:

In the future annual international championship 64 players will get the opportunity to play in the final divisions.
Moreover there will be an extra round of play off since 24 players will now advance to play off.
The organizers of Riga Open one of the best arranged World Tours the last seasons have decided to try this system in one of the Grand Slams WTHT Big6 tournaments in this season.
It is great to see that some of the organizers of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments are ready to try something new and in this way present new ideas for a big part of the tablehockey community. Thank You!



The president seat and more changes:

I have decided to continue as the president of ITHF at least until May 2013 where we will have the ordinary delegates conference 2013 with the election of a new Executive Committee of ITHF and elections of the hosts of European Championships 2014 and World Championships 2015.

Later this season I will publish other ideas concerning time schedule and tournament system in European and World Championships in future and then the member federations are going to vote about this in April/May 2013.

The main reason for this is to have a clear structure for the future championships instead of the returning discussions with the organizer before every international championship.



Evaluation of and payment for ITHF WTHT:

This season the tournaments belonging to ITHF World Table Hockey Tour will be evaluated with a points system which has been sent to you before.
The purpose is to help every organizer to make the best possible tournaments.
I hope you will receive this in a positive way and you are off course very welcome to ask questions concerning the evaluation procedure.
We would like to remind you that a federation is paying 15 Euro for their 1st WTHT and 30 Euro for their 2nd WTHT. Please be aware of this.



Saturday the 22nd of September 2012.
On behalf of the Executive Committee of ITHF
Bjarne Axelsen (president)