Minutes of the ITHF foundation meeting.


Place: Riga, Latvia

Date: June 3, 2005


Time: 20:20


Present: R.Blumentals (LAT), T.Tigges (GER), V.Studnicka (CZE), R.Goral (SVK), S. Bernstein (USA), M.Kaariainen (FIN), H.Lechner (AUT), J.Wreland (SWE), D.R.Nilsen (NOR),  A.Bosco (ITA), D.Letay (HUN), P.Orum (DEN), P.Chastenais (CAN), I.Saveljev (EST), M.Margolis (RUS), M. Caponetti (USA), I. Zubeckis (LAT), V.Kraus (CZE), M. Boivie (SWE), B. Axelsen (DEN)



Chairman: R. Blumentals

Minute keeper: I. Zubeckis



R. Blumentals opened the meeting and gave word to V. Kraus who shortly explained the purpose of the meeting.


All agreed that Constitution of "International Table Hockey Federation" (ITHF) have to be signed to create organization for international cooperation of table hockey federations.




After long discussion about point 11.2 in constitution (about voting rights) it was decided to sign constitution.




Constitution has been signed and thereby International Table Hockey Federation has been founded.




It has been decided that during this meeting each active member has one vote.




The following persons were elected for the Executive Committee members:


Vladimir Kraus

Steve Bernstein

Magnus Boivie

Intars Zubeckis

Bjarne Axelsen





Executive Committee asks candidate Nations for WCh 2007 to present they plans.




The Delegate’s Conference votes for candidates for WCh 2007.

The most votes were for Moscow.


9. Meeting was closed at 23:00





Signed by:



I.Zubeckis, Minute keeper



R.Blumentals, Chairman