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Form for sending results to the World ranking

Description how to use this form can be found below on this page.

Write down information about the tournament
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Copy the whole standings to following textbox
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Write down additional info about tournament or about participants

This form shall be filled in two separate steps - first enter information about the tournament - name of the tournament written in the text box Tournament should be e.g. "Swedish Masters 2006" or "Alaska League - autumn 1981". Date when the tournament was held must be entered in format "day.month.year" (d.m.yyyy)
Series means in which series the tournament belong - the tournament don't have to belong to any series. Series is e.g. Ukraine Championship.
Then select (or enter if it cannot be found in appropriate menu) Country and exact City where the tournament was held. At last number of participants must be entered. Information about the tournament must be confirmed by pressing the button Submit Tournament's Details - information will be checked and will appear at right part of the window.

Next you should enter final standings of the tournament. You should copy names of players to the left down textbox - preferably without any other information (like W, L, T etc.). If there will be some numbers besides the names, it will be ignored, text information should cause problems. Don't forget to select whether the surname is stated as the first or as the last at each name. Then press the button Submit Table. Players will be found in the database - sometimes some of them don't have to be found (mostly because of differently spelled name, or a new player). Then you have to assign these players by using menus which will appear in right lower part of the window. If the player is new in the WR then select the option Cannot be found. Assignment shall be confirmed by pressing the button Confirm Assignment of Players.

Additional information can be written in the middle textbox on the right side. There you should write new information about the tournament or about age of players or their club membership...

Information stated in the text boxes in right part of the window will be sent after pressing the button Send Results.