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Chebska Liga 2020 #5
Date 27.6.2020
Series Chebska Liga
City Cheb
Web -
Participants 18
Level 5
Value 1993

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.244.-Miloslav KubicaSHC ChebCzech Republic311,863903116
2.597.+35Lubos CernySHC ChebCzech Republic278,814491652
3.259.-Jiri VachaSHC ChebCzech Republic257,463921883
4.445.-Stanislav SrbaSHC ChebCzech Republic249,703381643
5.628.+12Vaclav MacekSHC ChebCzech Republic241,716016568
6.518.-Daniel HrachovecSHC ChebCzech Republic231,794911083
7.396.-Jiri KropacekSHC ChebCzech Republic217,266097096
8.669.-Jaroslav OuradaSHC ChebCzech Republic204,29889165
9.483.-Michal MasikaSHC ChebCzech Republic170,32241999
10.686.-Petr HolubSHC ChebCzech Republic136,589399362
11.764.-Roman HejdaSHC ChebCzech Republic98,4859689278
12.1258.-Miroslava HorakovaSHC ChebCzech Republic54,7815662265
13.1571.+4Jaroslav KopeckySHC ChebCzech Republic35,0540084101
14.4110.+650Jiri MacekSHC ChebCzech Republic15,9213312243
15.2789.-Jan KubicaSHC ChebCzech Republic7,88235294118
16.5502.+444Roman KubinecSHC ChebCzech Republic5,58823529412
17.3720.-Lukas HolubSHC ChebCzech Republic3,29411764706
18.10780.+641Daniel LukesSHC ChebCzech Republic1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran