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Re: Re: Great Job! - Warren Klotz, 10/27/2005 23:12  
Thanks Roman, I appreciate your response. I actually forgot that I posted this question until I found it while searching on google. Cheers, Warren (Vancouver, Canada)
no title - ???, 8/2/2005 10:29  
very exciting wc!
Re: The bronze issue... - When you are out, you are out!, 6/25/2005 18:11  
When you are out, you are out!
WFC 2005 - Cz. András, 6/17/2005 18:37  

Hi all!

First of all, I couldn,t accept the nice and surprising invitation from the Latvian organizers to be part of the veterans tournament in WC 2005 RIGA, since I was occupied at the same time with the 5th Floorball World Ladies Championships in Singapore.

All problems like Bjarne Rytter writing about and ower also mentioned about things can be handled moore propearly if the ITHF had a President and a CB.

Outside fo this CB should you have a COMPETITIONS and RULE commette.

Inside this ITHF body you can prevent many problems in the future.

So, you need a functioneng and ELECTED Organization to prevent bigger problems in the future.

The CB can work out an " Organizations Manual " that all organizers must/should sign and follow. If you want to do  real sport of TH ( and I,m convinced Totaly, that,s possible!) you must start an ITHF CB with President AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It,s not good to organize so many World Champinships without a CB and President for the ITHF.

I bilieve it,s possible. with persons that are in the Executive committe.

 Just do it!

Till the end I must congratulate Hans Österman, Sweden, for his new World Championships Titel.

Best regards: Cz.András


Music from Riga - Vladimír Kraus, 6/17/2005 15:26  

For those who would like to hear again the game-music from Riga:

Well, I can say I hate that music. After sitting right in front of the very loud speakers for 2 days I was just  when hearing it on Sunday midday...

Re: Changing rules and schedul - Vladimir Kraus, 6/17/2005 11:03  

Quoting the official WCh website:

"Playing system is described for each category. These systems may be changed only if real number of participants will be dramatically different than number of registered players."

This happened in Riga as there would played just half of players as it was first planned in group E. So the rule was known before the tournament.

Changing rules and schedules o - Bjarne Rytter Sorensen ®, 6/17/2005 10:58  
Dear Vladimir and others
After the World Championships I need to voice my oppinion because what happened.
After the first day both Michael Toft and I was qualified to play in the D placement group. That meant that we were seeded around number 110-111 and 118-119 with the guys in the E group seeded under us. On Sunday this E Group was deleted and the players from there put into the D Group.
I do not think it is a good idea to change tournaments overnight.
1: Here in Denmark in my club Black Ravens we have played tounements with 3 to 5 players so IT can be done. It just means that the players play against each other more times.
That in fact was also what was printed on the webside prior to the World Championships.The changes meant that both Michael and I ended lower in the tournement than we had qualyfied for so we are extremely dissapointed with our final result. I for my part feel that we have been cheated, but I know I‘m not the only one who feels like that. It may sound as though i‘m dissapointed just because we got lower places than what we qaulified for but that‘s not the case. I‘m dissapointed because we all should be sure that we to stick strickly to the scheduled tournament planning no matter how many people doesn‘t come.
2: If we want our sport to be respected as such and to grow we simply have to stick to the rules printed and NOT change them like it was done in Riga. Changing rules has to be done at the general election or in the discussion board for delegated people and not by a single person.
3. Deleting the E Group also meant that instead of 19 matches in the D group you now had to play 27 matches which in turn meant that we were finishing around 12 o´clock in the evening instead of around 8 o´clock in the evening. That furthermore lead into chaos when someone just threw peoples belongings around to get room for the banquet afterwards
About the rooms that was used it wasn‘t good either. There wasn‘t simply room enough between the tables so you stood there pushing to other people while playing, so my suggestion is to use more rooms in forthcomming tournaments so we get enough space between tables. 
5. Around the voting I agree with those that voiced for one vote one country because as far as I can see being at the top at the table doesn‘t mean your views are better while the opposite isn‘t fair either.
6. To make sure everything is done proberly and professionally it is ITHF´s responsabillity but on top of that we must be able to discuss with each other with respect.
Bjarne R. Sorensen
Re: The bronze issue... - Intars, 6/15/2005 14:35  

Petter Bengtsson wrote: "Peter and me asked both Intars and Pierre about the possibility of sharing the bronze medal. And they both agreed to it, even though Intars was not very happy about it."

Mr.Bengtsson you misunderstood me. I did not agree about sharing, I just explained (especially I addresses it to Mr.Ostlund) that in case you will not play the most probably Ostlund will be on 4th place as he is lower in round-rank.

That what you called "agreed" was my weakness to tie you both to TH and make you play for 3rd place.

Re: to Vlada Kraus - Vlada Kraus, 6/14/2005 21:32  

I‘m back at my computer after few days of holidays.

The results pages are updated for all categories with best offence / defence stats.

no title - ???, 6/14/2005 16:28  
in response to ???: - Pierre Chastenais, 6/13/2005 0:19  
But I do have to agree with some points: playing a full time game, instead of playing 2/3rds of the time, with the other 1/3rd running around for pucks, tapping the players down, illegally moving the goalkeeper from above the game... why is there a side rod for the goalie in the first place? And, mister ???, why don‘t you make yourself known like everyone else? It is a shame people like you hide under a stupid monicker.
to Vlada Kraus - Sternats, 6/11/2005 18:59  
Do you have statictics about the best attack and defence?
Message to Hans - Mike, 6/10/2005 23:12  
I cannot find an email address for you so I write here to let you know that I have raised your concerns as you mentioned them to me at the VooDoo Lounge in Riga on Sunday night and it is being discussed at the ITHF message board.  If you would like to email me my address is
Re: Re: no title - Tim, 6/10/2005 14:21  

sorry: in accordance to THEIR wishes and skills.

I don‘t think this silly racistic example of Madagaskar makes sence:

There is no really unexperienced group from any country which wants to change Table Hockey. The north american table hockey community has it‘s own experiences with playing. So we can hear their ideas and discuss about it.

I personally think we‘ll keep most of the existing rules with the good feeling of having prooved that they are reasonable.

Re: Re: All opinions do count! - Hansjuerg, 6/10/2005 13:53  
Excuse me! My grandfather is from Madagaskar, so please stop make funny jokes!
Re: Re: Re: The bronze issue.. - Hans, 6/10/2005 12:01  
The other issue of this discussion, the Bernstein issue, feels much more important. I do buy the argument that we all sometimes need to see things in new perspectives. I also have the full respect for a man like Steve with three decades of experience from different table top games. But here is the thing: the Stiga table hockey has a long and deep tradition in Europe. All changes in rules and games have been introduced slowly and with care by people with love, skill and experience of the game. And now what happens? A distinguished Bostonian, without that experience, entres the scene and shows no respect what so ever for this tradition. "No bank shots, no coaching during games, no taping of the goalie from above, and absolutely no more than two seconds of puck possesion for each player". With proposals like that, pronounced in a very unhumble way, Steve is digging not only his own grave, but also the grave for ITHF. I can assure you two things. 1. If any swede would have come to USA with the same lack of respect and crazy proposals for the Benej game, he would have been thrown out under the Patriot act. 2. If Steve gets his ideas through I am not the only one quitting from this great sport. So Steve, let Lars Fridell‘s words from Riga be our beacon: "Maybe you rule the world, but we - we rule the table hockey".
Re: re: some afterthoughts - Peter Orum ®, 6/10/2005 11:48  

Hi Espen & Trygve!

I think that both of you are right.

The team-competition is one of the places where the information had to be found actively, maybe the best thing to do would have been to publish it on the main screen and then number the "team-table-groups". But im sure that the ITHF-commitee will be aware of that when they‘re doing a WCh evaluation.

The breaks in between may be difficult to remove. Maybe it would be better to schedule them on the playing - then players could prepare their minds before the break is coming. Gathering all the results, picking up pucks from the floor and so on will probably be needed anyway. ( Some players might also need the toilet in between  )

Re: All opinions do count! - ???, 6/10/2005 11:43  
If the players from Madagascar fronted their opinions, get the thumbs down from all others, but still were insisting loudly on stupid things, how much should we then listen?
All opinions do count! - Peter Orum ®, 6/10/2005 11:41  

Even when people from madagascar started playing tablehockey their opinion may be as good as any opinion. It is important in a democratic system that all people have the right to express themselves.

All members of the executive commitee were elected at the DC. That means that if anyone opposes the election they should talk to their national association and make their opinion heard there.

If anyone has a something important to contribute to the community then they can come forward (and should do it without being afraid someone would start attacking them!!!). The community can then by democratic means decide whether its a good or bad idea.


All the best,

Peter Orum

Danish Tablehockey Union  -

Re: Re: The bronze issue... - Hans, 6/10/2005 11:40  
Hi all. I must give my total support for Peter‘s and Petter‘s decision to share the bronze medal. They are both from Sweden, they wanted to watch the final and they both felt that nobody would have anything to win in a bronze game. Maybe it would have been anotoher thing if Peter and Petter came from different countries. But now, with me and Roni playing a thrilling final, I totally understand their choise. We all should give them respect.
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