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well done - Gleb Vasiliev, 1/21/2005 21:15  

Good site!

See you all in Riga!

no title - Edgars Caics, 1/21/2005 20:16  
Cool site 
Great Job! - Warren Klotz ®, 1/21/2005 18:59  

Hi guys great work!

Hey is there anywhere I can find out how you guys got your sponsers and exactly what they contributed? And how did you get a custom game made? I was told that Stiga needed an order of 1200 games before making such a game.

Thanks, Warren (Canada)

Re: Great Job! - Roman Blumental ®, 1/24/2005 17:23  
Warren, we ordered more than 1200 games from STIGA , because it is minimum to do custom game.
You can try to get sponsors, if you offer them to put logo on table.
The key for all this staff is - we work with STIGA-LATVIA together.
Re: Re: Great Job! - Warren Klotz, 10/27/2005 23:12  
Thanks Roman, I appreciate your response. I actually forgot that I posted this question until I found it while searching on google. Cheers, Warren (Vancouver, Canada)
Hello - Daniel Létay, 1/21/2005 17:38  

Hello Tablehockey World!

We will be happy to play with You again!

Daniel and Hungarian Team 

Welcome - Vladimír Kraus ®, 1/18/2005 22:04  

Welcome to the WCh 2005 guestbook! I hope to see  on your necks in Riga!

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