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Latvian player
7th June 2005
World Championship 2005 is over. A lot of surprises, excellent matches and experience to all participants!

Winners of particular categories:
  • Hans Osterman won the open category after beating defending champion Daniel Wallen in quarterfinal and junior star Roni Nuttunen in the final! Results of open category.
  • Team Finland won the team competition after beating for the first time in the history team Sweden! Finnish team squad: Anssi Jarvinen, Konsta Jukka, Mikko Kaariainen, Markus Laakso, Erno Lantiainen, Jani Lappalainen, Mika Myllykangas, Roni Nuttunen and Kristian Iso-Tryykari. Results of team competition.
  • Piia Pulliainen defend title in the ladies category after beating Alexandra Belavina in the final. Results of ladies category.
  • Roni Nuttunen won juniors category after beating Ivan Zakharov in the final. Results of juniors category.
  • Thomas Petersson won the first veteran world title in the history after beating Pavel Plesak in the final. Results of veterans category.
  • Russian ladies team won the first world ladies team title in the history after beating finnish ladies team in the final. Results of ladies team competition.
Photos will be published soon.

Thanks to everybody who came and everybody who helped with organizing of this Championship. Next WCh will be held at Moscow.

31st May 2005
Only few days left to the World Championship. Especially all participants should read detail information about organizing the WCh.

Everybody who will not travel to Riga can watch live results of all categories at the page results.

Everything is prepared - let the show begin!

19th May 2005
Registration was closed already! 132 players from 24 countries will try to realize their dreams about being world champion in the main category. Names of all participants can be found at the page Participants. Also playing systems of all competitions can be found at this page. Time schedule was modified according to exact numbers of participants.

Teams competition will be played in two divisions for the first time. Top 6 teams (according to the final standing at last WCh - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Russia and Latvia) will be completed by two successful teams from qualifying matches in the division A. Germany and Slovakia will find their opponents for qualification either in Hungary or in Austria. Draw will be made on Friday during opening ceremony.

4th May 2005
Lists of already registered players in particular categories are available - open, ladies, juniors and veterans. Watch the players who will participate at the World Championship and try to predict who will win. Several players are going to gain the world title in each category!

Registration deadline was moved to the 16th May to give all the nations an oportunity to determine their nomination during tournaments held on Sunday 15th May.

17th April 2005
Only a few weeks left to the World Championship 2005. It seems that number of participants will overcome all the Championships held so far. Players from 22 countries are interested in playing at Riga! This number may even increase because registration of participants is open up to 15th May.

Every other country is welcome! Watch the list of participants and don't hesitate to send us your registration by mail.

18th January 2005
Welcome at the Table Hockey WCh 2005 web page! You can find here all information about this international event, which takes place at Riga during the first weekend in June.

WCh 2003 final - Lindahl vs. Wallen Last time all the best table hockey players came to Curich. You can recall excellent atmosphere by visiting the official web page of WCh 2003 or just by looking over the final results.

Only a few months remaining and we will see, if Swedes are undefeateble as usually, or if new table hockey masters have grown out.

See you in Riga!

18th January 2005
Limited edition of table hockey for World Championship is available! All the logos on the board and on the ice field were exclusively made for this event - take a look. Team Latvia and team Sweden are distributed with this table. More photos.

limited edition for WCh 2005

The classical figures of Swedish and Finnish players will be used for all WCh games.