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Hamburg Masters 1994
Date 17.12.1994
Series Hamburg Masters
DTEV Turnier
City Hamburg
Web -
Participants 15
Level 4
Value 1101

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.NEW-Jens Freitag "Betze"Eismaschine HamburgGermany383,9565
2.NEW-Frank Messerschmidt "Hamma"RheinachseGermany300,256009482179
3.NEW-Wolfram Kollien "Scotty"Eismaschine HamburgGermany206,362259482178
4.NEW-Ortrud Freitag "Pannen Olli"Eismaschine HamburgGermany115,300884482178
5.NEW- "Albi"Eismaschine HamburgGermany59,9606344821784
6.5229.-Tobias Leppert "Psycho"Eismaschine HamburgGermany27,5975
7.NEW-Nathalie Schneider "Krahe"Eismaschine HamburgGermany18,675
8.NEW- "Jimbo"Eismaschine HamburgGermany10,375
9.797.-Lars Freitag "Graf Zahl"Eismaschine HamburgGermany7
10.NEW-Norbert Subat "Terrier"Eismaschine HamburgGermany6
11.NEW-Harry Eismaschine HamburgGermany5
12.3383.-Folko Strese "Erwin Elektro"Harter TEC BerlinGermany4
13.NEW-Pit Lammert "Prickel Pit"Eismaschine HamburgGermany3
14.NEW- "Volle Elle"Eismaschine HamburgGermany2
15.NEW- "Krucke"Eismaschine HamburgGermany1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran